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An engraving-style black-and-white picture of a woman holding a ukulele (?) and wearing a flower crown.

Ornamental text at the top reads "Sarah Allen Reed: Illustration Services"

In hand-lettered text boxes:

* "Local LGBT Illustrator -- Decades Experience -- Reasonable Rates -- Quick Turn-Around"

* Comic Art -- Event Posters -- Website Design -- Book Illustration -- Signwork -- No Job Too Big Or Too Small

* For art samples and contact info please visit [ ]
* [instagram logo]: SarahAllenReed [twitter logo]: SarahAllenReed

I frew this entire ad by hand -- imagine what I can do for you!

Commission in progress. Pushing myself to the limit with this one. Speedball 512 and 513, Hunt 102, and round sizes 1 and 2 with Higgins Superblack ink, as always. 18x24 inches.

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Nouvelle Galaxy Tab A6. La caméra est terrible.

Un travail en cours.

Thrush: The Anomaly Of Soledad (Rough Intro, No Guitars)

Have I talked about how cute my girlfriend is lately?

Because she's very cute.

Hey, so...I lost my day job again, and so I made this poster while lookin' for illustration work. Retweet this if you can and spread it all over wherever you can manage. Thanks a million!


Je suis au chômage pour le moment, mais jai dessiné cette affiche comme une publicité pour mes services. S'il vous plaît, pensez à m'engager pour illustrer pour vous. Merci!

Ma belle sorcière de la tempête. Elle me manque. Encre sur papier. Un extrait de ma journal personnel.

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Listen to me alternate between minor and major for six minutes. Please someone listen to me. pense que je suis amoureux.

....Cette sorcière.

Page 1 of "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" by Romey Petite, illustrated by me. Pen and ink with digital screentones, 11x17 inches.

(CW on the image: mild nudity)

I can't post much more than this at the moment, but here's a sneak peek at one of the finished pages of a little something a friend and I are cooking up called Odd Earth.

Une amie à moi voulait un version scannée a cette pour leur scrapbook, alors je suis télécharger il ici. Autoportraits. Encre, 2019

Reuploaded because slight changes were made. A portrait. Ink, 2019. Recent commission for a very close friend.


Hi, I'm Completely Exhausted As Of Late

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Plug really was a proxy for me as well, wasn't it? Gender problems reflected in the whole "doesn't even know what a gender is" thing. Aimlessness and negative feelings. Huh. I wonder what the being mute and the mutual reliance on Spark was about.

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Some recent stuff from my sketchbook diary. Been doing my best to keep drawing away while trucking.

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