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I decided to change my to they them.

It's time to come out to myself that I will never fit into a binary mould.

I'm not sure how it feels. It's somewhere between scary and empowering :flag_genderfluid: :flag_nonbinary:

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New avatar 

I decided to change my avatar to Marinette from Miraculous (one of my actual favorite shows :blob_cat_innocent: )
I guess she resembles my character quite well since I also try to make everybody else happy and nearly forget to find my own happiness.
Well, I’m not half as good to people as she is but I’ll do my best (and also to find what she hasn’t found jet :blob_cat_giggle: )
Love you all :blob_cat_heart:

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finding my gender 

I guess I finally found kind of a gender that describes me :blob_cat_aww: :
I would call myself a genderfluid switch meaning that there are several more or less distinct personalities that I switch between:
• the manly man
• the tough girl :blob_cat_flamethrower:
• the cute little girl that needs lots of cuddles and headpats when she’s sad, might even be furry :blob_cat_snug:
• the lewd girl that just wants to be collared, bound and f**ked 🙈

Been watching the Remake lately and now I got this amazing soundtrack in my head.
I guess that’ll have to go on my playlist :blob_cat_melt:
(And I’ll have to re-watch the anime original :blob_cat_giggle: )

Damn, just wanted to paint my nails, messed it up and now my hands look like as if I slaughtered a blue-blooded alien :blob_cat_oh_no:

Amazon greenwashing rant 

I just received an advertising letter from via paper snail mail, of course everything in high quality color print on high quality paper.
And then Amazon claims to care about the environment ... Wouldn't an email with this offer be sufficient?
I really have to consider whether I should cancel Prime for this double-tongued stuff they pull here.
At least they addressed me in a gender-neutral form

depol covid 

Kurz vor Weihnachten kommt eine neue Corona-Variante und die Politik sagt "Kein Grund zur Sorge, wir beobachten das."
Ich habe gerade ein Deja Vu - genauso wie das Deja Vu letztes Jahr ... :blob_cat_oh_no:

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One thing why we have to make sure that Facebook and Zuckerberg won't be the makers/owners of the #Metaverse, or whatever you want to call it, is that if it where theirs it would be a place inherently hostile to sexuality, sex work and LGBTIQ+ folx.

We can't let that happen.

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Covid, Germany, deadnaming 

In the current state of emergency it's not safe for queer people without a legal name change in public stores/spaces.
The strict controlling of vaccine certificates often requires a ID to be used alongside. This will force you to deadname and/or out yourself. Which can be very invalidating and humiliating.

Please stay save out there and try to order things online if possible, just avoid those spaces for now.

You are loved and most importantly:
You are not alone! ❤️

clothing sizes -- 

It feels so bad if you bought male clothing in L all the years and if you're looking for female clothes now you have to buy them in XXL+ :blob_cat_oh_no:
So depressing ...

It’s kind of depressing. I went pretty far back in my timeline but I couldn’t find anyone using they/them .
The only good thing is that there were not many people stating their pronouns at all

now offers to add your to your profile. I’m so not sure what to do. I’d love to go for they/them (en) and xier/xiem (de) but I don’t want to out myself to all my working environment like that …
That’s a real

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I decided to switch to for some project management at work because had problems with people working on different shifts (and I don’t really like these big menus :blob_cat_innocent: )
It’s amazing how well taskjuggler works once you’re used to it :blob_cat_aww: But I don’t believe anyone else at work will be willing to use it :blob_cat_giggle: too many text files …

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Dear Germany (re: vaccines) 

Please go ahead and donate the surplus vaccines.

We are in a pandemic; a global health crisis.

Countless millions of people have not received a single vaccine, while a reasonably large portion of your population has received both doses.

Do this now, before the excess doses go to waste.

Will Moderna et al sue you? Let them.

Deal with them in court, while millions of people get vaccinated and the world moves that much closer to ending the pandemic.

Be kind. ❤️

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

It’s just early afternoon but it feels like it’s close to sunset already …

Damn, I feel like the house I live in was built from that indistructible concrete. It’s close to impossible to get a nail into a wall :blob_cat_oh_no:

Hey beautiful people :blob_cat_heart:
Hope you all have a good start of your week. I did a lot of lewdposting on my other account lately, so if you didn’t hear much from me, don’t worry, I’m still around :blob_cat_heart:

Doing groceries on a Saturday morning is a really bad idea. Especially if the upcoming Monday is a public holiday :blob_cat_oh_no:
Looks like I had to learn it the hard way :blob_cat_giggle:

I feel like I should have invested my money in raspberry pi boards. It's crazy how expensive they are right now

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