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New avatar 

I decided to change my avatar to Marinette from Miraculous (one of my actual favorite shows :blob_cat_innocent: )
I guess she resembles my character quite well since I also try to make everybody else happy and nearly forget to find my own happiness.
Well, I’m not half as good to people as she is but I’ll do my best (and also to find what she hasn’t found jet :blob_cat_giggle: )
Love you all :blob_cat_heart:

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bdsm switch 

The good thing about being switch: you can kind of top yourself :blob_cat_innocent: :blob_cat_giggle:

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finding my gender 

I guess I finally found kind of a gender that describes me :blob_cat_aww: :
I would call myself a genderfluid switch meaning that there are several more or less distinct personalities that I switch between:
• the manly man
• the tough girl :blob_cat_flamethrower:
• the cute little girl that needs lots of cuddles and headpats when she’s sad, might even be furry :blob_cat_snug:
• the lewd girl that just wants to be collared, bound and f**ked 🙈

I've so earned this shower I'm gonna take now :blob_cat_melt:

Just a little cleaning and vacuuming and I sweat like I ran a marathon. It's way too hot and too humid

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Good meowning beautiful people :blob_cat_mlem:
Have a great Sunday :blob_cat_heart:

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on fediverse, your timezone doesn't matter, your sleep schedule is always fucked enough you're online at the same time as everyone else
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Demonstration's passed now time for groceries - but I guess I picked the worst possible time :blob_cat_oh_no:
The parkink lot is so full, I don't wanna know how many people are inside.
Hopefully Pfizers on stun will work :blob_cat_innocent:

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Going for groceries and got blocked by a demonstration.
I don't even caught what they demonstrate for/against

Philosophical question:
Is a person always , no matter which partner they choose? :blob_thinking_smirk:

Good morning beautiful people :blob_cat_mlem:
Have a great weekend :blob_cat_heart:

Uff, its way too hot to do chores ☀️🌡️🤯

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How many years old were you when you started using the command line?


I need some cuddles and I need sex - which makes cuddly sex.

Or cuddles, sex and cuddly sex all at once :blob_cat_innocent:

selfie, no eye contact, vaccination 

Got phizered today. Hopefully my astral Borg implants (from the first shot) have already adapted to the modulation :blob_cat_giggle:

kinda lewd 

I'm so in need of somebody touching and caressing me ... :blob_cat_snug:

Good morning beautiful people :blob_cat_mlem:
Have a great day :blob_cat_heart:

I should go to bed now. Tomorrow's gonna be another hard day.
Good night beautiful people :blob_cat_snug:
Sweet dreams :blob_cat_heart:

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