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Following me 

I recently got some follow requests from kind of empty accounts and decided not to accept these any more.
Please make sure to have at least something in your profile and some introductory or genuine content before sending a follow request. Also interaction with me surely helps 😉

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Adding me on Matrix or XMPP 

Before contacting me on Matrix or XMPP you should’ve interacted with me a few times here on Mastodon. There’s no sense in adding me on Matrix or XMPP when we haven’t interacted before at all.

I don’t think these are high hurdles, so let’s have a great time :blob_cat_heart:

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I decided to change my to they them.

It's time to come out to myself that I will never fit into a binary mould.

I'm not sure how it feels. It's somewhere between scary and empowering :flag_genderfluid: :flag_nonbinary:

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New avatar 

I decided to change my avatar to Marinette from Miraculous (one of my actual favorite shows :blob_cat_innocent: )
I guess she resembles my character quite well since I also try to make everybody else happy and nearly forget to find my own happiness.
Well, I’m not half as good to people as she is but I’ll do my best (and also to find what she hasn’t found jet :blob_cat_giggle: )
Love you all :blob_cat_heart:

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finding my gender 

I guess I finally found kind of a gender that describes me :blob_cat_aww: :
I would call myself a genderfluid switch meaning that there are several more or less distinct personalities that I switch between:
• the manly man
• the tough girl :blob_cat_flamethrower:
• the cute little girl that needs lots of cuddles and headpats when she’s sad, might even be furry :blob_cat_snug:
• the lewd girl that just wants to be collared, bound and f**ked 🙈

OK, the fix was easier than I thought. is now in for some encasement printing. This should take a while :blob_cat_innocent:

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Dann, I just realised I made a mistake when I assembled my :blob_cat_oh_no:
Gonna have to get to the x-axis pulley to fix it. I hope I won't have to disassemble too much. Cross your fingers :blob_cat_heart:

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remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

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OK, it's decided. My 3d-printer shall from now on be called Chopper after the astromech droid from Star Wars Rebels. It makes almost the same noises and the model (MK3S) also sounds like an astromech :blob_cat_giggle:
May the force be with us.

Best of Chopper (Seasons 1-3) - Star Wars Rebels

My 3d--printer makes sounds similar to R2D2 :blob_cat_giggle:
I guess it just earned its nickname :blob_cat_innocent:

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cw selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

if you're seeing this
you're gay

OK, my is ready for the first test run. I hope I assembled it correctly.
I'll give it a try tomorrow. Cross your fingers

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Noch immer werden viele Menschen zum Beispiel auch im Abstammungsrecht diskriminiert, wenn es z.B. darum geht, dass ein Kind zwei Mütter hat. Noch immer schützt der Staat nur monogame Beziehungen. Und das ist nur ein kleiner Einblick. Gewalt ist noch immer an der Tagesordnung.

Daher informiere dich, statt Vorurteilen nachzugeben. Stehe für andere ein, statt nur daneben 🏳️‍🌈 ✊ [2/2] #IDAHOBIT

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Heute ist #IDAHOBIT, der Internationale Tag gegen Homo-, Bi-, Inter- und Transfeindlichkeit.

Einige werden jetzt vielleicht sagen: "Ihr habt doch schon gleiche Rechte!" Aber dem ist nicht so. Noch immer gibt es das diskriminierende TSG und leider zeigen nahezu alle Statistiken aktuell einen Anstieg der queerfeindlichen Gewalttaten und das auch hier in Deutschland. Scheinbar gleiche Rechte zu haben heißt eben nicht gleichzeitig auch akzeptiert zu werden. [1/2]

I'm done except for cable management. But I'll leave that for tomorrow. Not enough spoons left

OK, got the worst part done. Now just the electronics are missing :blob_cat_mlem:
Hopefully I'll finish it this evening

OK, first problem: it seems that no surface here is flat enough to align the y-axis frame :blob_cat_oh_no:
Looks like I'll have to improvise ...

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OK, let's get started. 140 pages of assembly manual. Estimated time of finishing is somewhen this evening ...

Got my kit today :blob_cat_aww:
I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching me on a live stream building it up :blob_cat_innocent:

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I must be in heaven :blob_cat_aww:
Looks like the blåhaj crisis is finally over :blob_cat_mlem:

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Mein Level an Multitaskingfähigkeit lässt sich am besten so beschreiben, dass ich immer den Film stoppen muss, um mir einen weiteren Bissen Kartoffelrösti reinzustopfen.

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