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Following me 

I recently got some follow requests from kind of empty accounts and decided not to accept these any more.
Please make sure to have at least something in your profile and some introductory or genuine content before sending a follow request. Also interaction with me surely helps 😉

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I decided to change my to they them.

It's time to come out to myself that I will never fit into a binary mould.

I'm not sure how it feels. It's somewhere between scary and empowering :flag_genderfluid: :flag_nonbinary:

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New avatar 

I decided to change my avatar to Marinette from Miraculous (one of my actual favorite shows :blob_cat_innocent: )
I guess she resembles my character quite well since I also try to make everybody else happy and nearly forget to find my own happiness.
Well, I’m not half as good to people as she is but I’ll do my best (and also to find what she hasn’t found jet :blob_cat_giggle: )
Love you all :blob_cat_heart:

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finding my gender 

I guess I finally found kind of a gender that describes me :blob_cat_aww: :
I would call myself a genderfluid switch meaning that there are several more or less distinct personalities that I switch between:
• the manly man
• the tough girl :blob_cat_flamethrower:
• the cute little girl that needs lots of cuddles and headpats when she’s sad, might even be furry :blob_cat_snug:
• the lewd girl that just wants to be collared, bound and f**ked 🙈

Hey there,
I try to figure out the best way to tag my mp3-collection of classical music, jazz and operas.
Would anyone be interested in my results once I came to a satisfactory solution (which might still lack a proper player to display everything)?

Feel free to boost. I'm not sure how many people on fedi are into these kinds of music, so I'll simply ask :blob_cat_mlem:

Properly tagging classical music is really difficult, if one wants to do it right. Artist, composer, conductor, tune, solists, …
So much stuff to sort by :blob_cat_oh_no:

I should do some maintenance on the of my music library.

But it’s really difficult if one got classical music, operas and modern music. How does one sort that stuff and define the artist in a way that one finds the music they wants to hear without searching too much?

Looks like a challenge …

45 minutes and still waiting.

has a really funny idea of how long “more than 5 minutes” are. Maybe they mixed up minutes with days – or decades … :blob_cat_flamethrower:

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I’m so happy when this issue with is over. They charged me with stuff they said they wouldn’t charge me with and sent their without any further notice after I objected.

Now I’m calling them. “Approximated waiting time is more than 5 minutes”

Calling time so far: 35 minutes and still waiting for someone to get to me …

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Picard programming tip: A computer is like a mischievous genie. It will give you exactly what you ask for, but not always what you want.

Original tweet :

You know the slides for your workshop are good, when you managed to put a meme in them :blob_cat_giggle:

Yay! I managed to finally set up my with :blob_cat_aww:

One more spot with free WiFi in an area with low mobile connection …

After several weeks I finally managed to de-brick my Archer C7 after I failed to install a firmware on it.
Is it ok, if I feel a little god-like? :blob_cat_peek::blob_cat_giggle:

I’ll give Freifunk another try this week, but I should be more careful. I don’t wanna brick my router again

Best quote from yesterday's munch after someone said they ditched grub and switched to systemd-boot:
"If you try to use every feature of a software, it's no longer bloated, is it?"

My print came out quite nice :blob_cat_aww:
I had a lot of stringing, but I could print it without supports and all measurements are ok. Now I can place my RasPi on my printer enclosure :blob_rave:

My slicer says that the print time as about 5.5 hours. Maybe I should give it a try during the night

Ok, I exchanged the cross structure with something more tree-like. I think this should be printable printer.

phishing, funny mail 

Momentan gehen jede Menge -Mails von angeblichen Postbanken wegen dem Umzug zu BestSign herum.
Hier eine besondere Stilblüte :blob_cat_giggle:

PS: Wer noch bei der ist, ist selber schuld. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte

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Hmmm, I could use lots of supports to print it. But that’d mean I have to double the amount of material and trash half of what I printed … :blob_hyperthink:
It’s a possible option but not what I’d prefer. Maybe I’ll go back to anyway …

When you construct a holder for your with good respect to air cooling and then realise that it’s unprintable due to massive bridging when you’re nearly done :blob_cat_oh_no:

Puh, updating my 2 takes quite a while. I can’t believe it was this slow when I got it.

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Moin und liebe Grüße aus #Hamburg mit diesem amüsanten #Fundstück von einer #Bushaltestelle. Ich feier völlig, wer auch immer das gebastelt hat.

Der #Staatsschutz ermittelt! Verbreitung auf eigene Gefahr.

Ach und apropos garnix: #FDPheißtFickDenPlaneten

Mein neuer "Favorit" bei .
So dreist wie in der habe ich das echt noch nicht gesehen.
Sucht mal selbst, wo man klicken muss, damit Congstar die Daten nicht weitergeben darf :blob_fucking_weird_cat: :blob_cat_oh_no:
:boosts_ok: :boosts_ok:

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