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Hey, since Mastodon is a kind of a dating place, I announce that I am single and I'd love to meet new people, especially trans women, talk about everything we would like to, get acquainted etc.

Sounds nice to you?
Is it okay to do this?

Come, I'm shy, but I don't bite (except if you ask for it).

And boost this toot as much as possible!

Thanks :blob_cat_heart:!

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New time !

Hello, my name is Elise, I'm a 24y single trans woman living in France, my pronouns are she/her. I'm lesbian, attracted by women (especially trans) and non-binary people (come I'd like have someone to take care about :blob_cat_heart:).

I'm a truck driver and very proud of it, though I am also a writer!

I'm autistic (self-diag), have a lot of anxiety and phobias issues, I'm suffering from depression, dark thoughts and loneliness.

Boost if you want/can !

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What's allowed in France in terms of length. Photos feat. GN Transport, a company running on French and Swedish roads (and others, of course).

First picture: 16m50
"Semi-Trailer" (That one is very basic and the most common one).

(By the way, this picture is from me :3).

Second picture: 18m75
"Road-Train" (Also common; also allowed in France)

Third picture: 25m
Not allowed in France, but allowed in some countries.

(I do not know the name to describe the vehicle).

Venez me voir me voir me faire mal aux doigts en construisant le Mack Anthem !

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Y'a cette personne très cool : @dustyqueersheep qui prend des commandes/commissions alors faites vivre vos artistes Mastonautes et partagez leur travail ! :autumnleaf6:

Here is my soundcloud! I have many influences, but let's say that if you like techno sounds and mental tracks, you may really enjoy.

Du coup je pars du principe qu'aider la visibilité ça coûte pas beaucoup en temps donc on va faire simple :

@lila_bliblu est une artiste top (ça c'est pas la visibilité, mais la vérité) :

>> qui prend des commissions
>> dont vous vous devez de visiter le site

Bisous bisous

So to do that do I need to create a special website that display the profile?

Or can I do without a website (which is less complicated for me), if so, could you tell me how?

Or showing me, like this I will learn.

Perhaps the bot can create a profile after some questions ?

Languague of the bot is js.


(Pls Boosts)

Hey need some help.
It's been a while I'm searching all the web and still no answers.

I have a discord bot and I'd like my bot to display an user profile on a Discord server (mine as well for others).

But I'd like my members to add what they want into their profile (avatar; gender; exprecience, level, etc)

Image rare de @YuffyTipoui alors que son Sens de Militante s'active après avoir rencontré une terf en se baladant.

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