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When I say “making games accessible to all kinds of people is important” and you say “but that puts more crunch on developers,” the logical conclusion isn’t “accessibility isn’t worth it” it’s “ban crunch and form unions”

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Help I'm trying to play skaven but I can't stop singing about being rats. We're... the rats!

Who am I kidding, I'd just want to start a anarchist sith enclave

I've been binging clone wars and playing The Old Republic for like two months straight

I'm slowly turning into a star wars

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Hot take what if people are essentially good, especially when they're not forced into violent systems of exploitation from birth.

*cackling in an evil sith voice*

I really hope this pandemic leads to the downfall of the Republic!

The *American* Republic that is!

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Hey I know some of you play swtor, anyone got any guild leads for my wife?

Does anyone play swtor? I've been having a blast on it, and really want to guild up, but gods, there are so many dipshits on the internet

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upon seeing this image:
Me: *Starts singing the Red Alert theme*
My wife: -sighs- "I'll get the fuzzy Russian hat"

For everyone disappointed by Game of Thrones, watch Black Sails. Just do it. Same murderous plots, but with queer anarchist pirates.

The virus is out introverting the introverts

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self promotion, I guess??, lets play 

Had some free time, so I made a low key lets play of Colestia's "A Bewitching Revolution":

I really loved it!

well my work just got closed for three weeks due to the virus.

wtf am I going to do with all this time, re-read Homestuck and get 1/8 of the way through in four weeks?

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