indie music 

yes. hi. bandcamp has waved all fees for musicians. you can also listen once for free!
2018-garageband-made EP here:



its bandcamp friday!! neat!!!

if you know any sick independent musicians and you have a few pennies to spare, today is the best day to buy music on bandcamp so artists get 100% of the proceeds

if youre a musician or if you have some recs, drop a link 👀

if you like powderpaint maybe grab our EP if you havent already 👉👈

spooky full moon queer shit-talk energy with a new friend

venting about how some cis-men treat us

" fuck this maninfested space "

RE: US pol 

@marie_joseph I appreciate the reassurance. Having a constant flow of political information from the person I live with and my colleagues can be overwhelming.

I did join Mastadon looking for solidarity. So, I thank you!

hi I live in the states and it's terrifying over here

Reading Find Me, by André Aciman tonight before bed... 21:00 EST. Commonnnnnn ancient teen angst, don't let me down.

Scholarship is about using niche jargon. The more niche jargon you use the more scholarship it is.

My gender is as ephemeral as the music I thought would define my life.


impossible to know, also

demands people read my mind)

privilege: money & employment & body-pain 

to buy a mattress topper so I can stop waking with stiff back

or to buy music gear...

- to purchase a small tea table as if I ever have guests ​:blob_coffee:

or to buy music gear..... ​ :blob_aww:

A bit lewd 

the erotic tension between humanity and earth's gravity 🥵

hi ~ call me Tutu ... 

I bow respectfully to you all in this shared space. Saluwuut, I don't use French very well, but I surmise it plenty! (Ne pratique assez, tu sait ?) If anyone would like to chat ~ music, lit./poe. or lit. criticism, heart's desires, dreams & goals - I'd love to indulge with you!

{ anxious ambivert ahoy ​:flag_nonbinary:​ }

(ps, yes I deleted this post twice before \ third time's a ... charm ¿

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