Cyberpunk as a genre is continually purposefully misunderstood by Capitalists, Cyberpunk isn't for you goddammit.

Just beat Wario Ware Get it Together's story mode on Switch had an absolute blast, also it had one truly great surprise that put a huge smile on my face. :)

Not a hot take. Classic Simpsons really was pretty damn good huh. Been rewatching the old seasons and damn some of the jokes are just next level.

The best in the world Bryan Danielson is gonna take his crown back from the imposter Kenny Omega next week. Tonight's Dynamite rocked and I'm so hyped for next week

Transformers is good actually. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

So I'm Sage and I've been co-con with Frog for a while now and like no idea who I really am which is frustrating. Being plural is not super fun for us tbh. With BPD and OSDD its just constant identity confusion.

I have Ring Fit Adventure I really need to get back to it. Exercise is good

Just finished Wrath of Man really good Guy Ritchie film. One of his more serious films without the snark you may be used to but a really solid revenge thriller.

Okay got back to Ice Princess and finished it, look the movie nerd in me has a lot of criticisms but the young closeted trans teen me who loves figure skating is tearing up I still love this movie.

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Damn can't even watch Ice Princess I'm sensory overloaded from the Matrix experience and having a meltdown :(

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Nevermind not watching with everyone anymore everybody is talking and cracking jokes and it's a huge sensory overload when all I wanna do is watch my favorite movie. I'm gonna watch Ice Princess in my room

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Watching The Matrix with my household now. Literally one of my favorite films ever

Watching Ice Princess the early aughts Disney movie about a physics nerd becoming a figure skater. As a closeted trans teen this was my favorite movie so the nostalgia factor is high.

Working on solving the question that is my identity.

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