I came out as ace like two weeks ago and like damn acephobia while transfem is wild

25 pages on "the ottonian gender of war" later.... no still not done lol

There are like so few paper on Hrotzvit of Gandesheim's Gesta Ottonis i just had to do one. Silly me

TME transes on social media love 2 blame trans women for their oppression and then watch the daily show or some shit

Horny, reference to the movie heat 

Looking at jerry lewis' ass and going full pacino mode

I need to retrain my brain to think that this is twitter . I'm saving myself (for marriage)

This is *another* reminder that it's free to not comment on a Black woman's post. White queers really do log on just to "correct" Black people and it's corny, obnoxious and racist

Another fucking bizarre YouTube ad, alcohol and tea 

...together. Booze and tea. Together. :blobwaitwhat:

china should threaten to send the poorest americans $2000 checks like that time a west virginia town got a bridge built by applying to the soviet union's foreign aid fund

Why does every single trans person i know have such a great ass (including me). Whatever it was in the water turning the frogs gay making all of us thicc as hell, dang

T4T straight couples have a great energy. Could never be me tho

Zoomer kids never learning how to affirm their gender because "oh the only accounts that talk about that are cringe" and taking the words of 30-yo NYC based podcasters as gospel. It makes me very very sad

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I get very sad on twitter because every day i see trans kids convincing eachother that its like, cringe to not watch woody allen movies or some shit (not making this up) and not learning anything about the transition they want and need

sometimes i feel like the only person who transitioned at 26

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