selfie EC, some nudity 

Back to the countryside.

post shower top nudity selfie 

Changez le néon de votre salle de bain et gagnez 25% de définition musculaire supplémentaire immédiate

J'ai envie de faire des photoshoots parce que : make short guys sexy again

selfie (mild nudity) 

✅ nerdy
✅ knows it

I do take lots of selfies these days. But I'm actually starting to look hot so I'm not sorry for one second

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I was supposed to blow this super hot guy this week-end and he cancelled, once again because of his jealous boyfriend feeling threatened or whatever

My personal advice is don't get a boyfriend and keep fucking around forever to escape from your inner self but that's just me

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Il faisait un peu chaud dans cette cuisine

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