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Hello! I'm Jake! I'm a french (queer) guy. I studied 3D, but I mostly draw characters or comics.

🔞 I happen to draw a lot of NOT SAFE FOR WORK content, so you're warned! 🔞

You can see my stuff here
But also here
You can support my art!:

Thanks! 👀

Faire une journée à crapahuter dans tout Paris et alentours, avec 20 personnes rencontrées, juste pour une idée sous forme de vanne, check ☑️
666 Devil Crossroads, nouveau clip d'EDAM EDAM en ligne !! Enjoy and share ! ❤️

I'm not dead, i'm still around, i'm trying to get a comic published so fdifsgfdgynsidfgfnès_gn

vore shitposting 

LAST ONE! Which is not entirely true because I made the meme a long time ago! Enjoy the drawing anyway :oh_no:


I'm having a rough day.. Here's a old RANTY Rick&Morty fanart... :oh_no: (I didn't hurt myself! This is just a drawing.)

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