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Hey mastodon, I guess it's finally time to stop lurking and formally say hi. I'm the kind of nerd that used to care a little too much about the math behind cool ideas compared to the ideas themselves; more of an emotional perspective today (thanks, music) but I'm still a sucker for a good math pun.
Lived on both sides of the Atlantic for good chunks of my life.
Oh, and my gender's been pretty much up in the air for over half a decade 😁

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In 1988, an Aboriginal man named Burnum Burnum visited the white cliffs of Dover and planted the Aboriginal flag, claiming England on behalf of his people.

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🔴 ALERTA ; LMPT, Manifs LGBTIphobes fin janvier (France) 

LMPT compte se mobiliser à l'échelle nationale le 30 et le 31 Janvier, contre la PMA.

C'est toujours le même discours LGBTIphobe.

À surveiller, il faudra sans doute aller contre-manif encore une fois.

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Face à la #crise, se protéger, implique de choisir la #solidarité, pas l’isolement ! Que tu sois lycéenNE, étudiantE, apprentis, stagiaire, salariéE, au chômage ou autoentrepreneurEuse, rejoins ton organisation de classe : le #syndicat !

#syndicalisme #SyndicalismeRévolutionnaire #AnarchoSyndicalisme #entraide #social #autogestion #ActionDirect

hi there recent follows, tune in next time on My Rants on Video Games that Changed My Childhood, where I'll discuss how Age of Mythology is providing me with emotional comfort in these (literally) isolated times!

turns out the imperfections were - and are still - a great deal of the charm for me

.so now it doesn't have the same exagerated feel that held together all of the extravagence in the plot and mechanics

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the best metaphor I've found is thus: warcraft 3 (& F.T.)'s graphical identity/design was deeply reflective of the hardware limitations of 18 years ago

when run on today's "gaming" computers, it could be qualified as having imperfections

thus, for Reforged, they took the imperfections out! (/!\)

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but there's just something they _did_ with the design that's just plain alienating me...

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on the one hand I love having a guaranteed executable that I can re-download when needed and has been redesigned to take full advantage of modern day hardware

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so I bought Warcraft III: Reforged after seeing on protondb that it could be used on linux

and it just doesn't feel right

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Hi! I'm ollie. New to Mastodon and saw others making intros so thought i would as well.

Im an nb trans guy who's into theme parks and comics (especially donald duck 🦆). I also like playing video games and sometimes drawing. currently going to school for history and french.

Im a revivalist roman & gaulish polytheist, some sort of leftist, and autistic.

Je parle français, plus ou moins, comme deuxième langue.

nice to meet you!

fr news, yt 

genre ok, sources et perspectives diverses je veux bien, mais là autant toutes les mettre derriere une case cliquable pour laisser de la place à d'autres couvertures

ou tout simplement que ca prenne moins de place sur la page 🙄

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Dis masto, si je fabrique des synthés à forme d'onde pilotables en midi, t'es pret·e à mettre combien ?
Boosts appréciés, of course…

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y'a que moi qui trouve ca malsain que la section "infos" soit inondee de copies conformes des memes infos quand des trucs horribles comme ceci arrivent?

Surtout je me demande quelle utilité ca a pour moi a part me rajouter des peurs statistiquement infondées...

Did something happen w/ instagram recently, perhaps regarding their policies? I've been seeing several people apparently come here more or less "fleeing fb/insta"

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A bit about me!

My name is Lazuli, i'm 24. Nonbinary, bisexual and polyamorous. I live in the woods, my favorite color is green and I have a bratty baby (cat) named Leona. I am an intersectional feminist and support BLM wholeheartedly.

I'm excited to be joining a space not owned by FB. And hope I can find the same sense of community there was on insta. I plan on posting queer and sex positive content.

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9front says trans rights

Cool to see a #trans tag appear on sourcehut ❤️

> Ultimately, it's freeing to understand that if perception is reality, and language alters perception, changing language changes reality
> It's like sorcery on a cultural scale.

Damn do I wish I'd started to watch Philosphy Tube way earlier, if only to be exposed to such reddit comments sooner than a year after they're written 😅

So Bad North is legitimately innovative in its blend of real time wargaming, tactics and rogue-lite elements.
Also the aesthetic & map design are gorgeous!

Success! I can now browse Gemini (in a very manual way) in my terminal, and *I* wrote the code 😁

specifically I'd like to pattern match over the first n values of the iterator produced by .split() without needing to generate of its values.

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