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Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

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gofundme for abortion rights protestor who was stalked and attacked after a pro-abortion rally (please donate, boost, and share); Huntington Beach, CA 

TW -- link has photos of injury, blood

"Whoever these people are they’re coming for us... The stabber specifically named dropped me along with other comrades including but not limited to femmes and trans allies."

Abortion rights protesters in Los Angeles are being targeted with attempted murder.

(twitter thread with context: )

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The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

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i would not take my politcial advice from men that are literally made of straw. i have standards. maybe claymen

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please topple the US government so I can afford to move out

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one of the guiding things for our tribe.

the like overall through line of our tribe. our overall vision

is being broadcasted to the world

and its


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SCOTUS, religion in schools 

Well, SCOTUS has just handed down another objectively bad decision: this time, they've said that teachers, coaches, etc. have a right to lead students in prayer on school property, in their capacity as teachers, coaches, etc.

People will come out of the woodwork to say that this is actually freedom of religion, that the coach and the students who choose to participate should be allowed to exercise their religion, etc. I don't have any problem with the coach and the students who choose to participate exercising their religion privately. I don't think anybody does. (In fact, this is what Jesus said to do: . But then, listening to Jesus tends to be something of a struggle for US evangelical Christians.)

The issue is that the coach is leading these prayers in his capacity as a coach, and the same issue exists with teachers leading prayers in their capacity as teachers, etc. They are in positions of power over these kids. We are human beings, and flawed, and it isn't possible for us not to have biases toward other people; and there is no way to guarantee that students over whom this coach has power won't be less likely to get time on the field, more likely to get pulled, more likely to have their injuries treated less seriously, if they don't join the coach in prayer. Likewise with teachers - who might be more likely to be favorable in grading - or administrators - who might be more lenient in the case of bad behavior - toward students who join them in prayer in their capacity as teacher/administrator. There isn't a mechanism for preventing that bias without a massive systemic overhaul to introduce anonymization (and even that wouldn't work for in-person interactions like sports or calling on students in class); it just isn't possible.

That's why this is a bad decision. Banning teacher/administrator/coach-led prayer in schools does not discriminate against Christians; it prevents discrimination against non-Christians.

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Hey Fedi! I could use some help.

I need to get some money together for a deposit to move into a new place, but I don't think I can do it on my own in time. If you can spare a few bucks or a boost, I would really appreciate it.

CashApp $CyreneSavage
Venmo @CyreneSavage

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when will they invent pride for people who don't like really loud dance music everywhere

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help a black girl and her sisters escape an abusive home:

Please help raise a remainder of $675 [late fees included] anything additional urgently needed to escape ongoing SA and mistreatment

c: $yungirll
v : yungirl

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I’ll say this, though:

I’d be up for a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party if it’s led by a coalition of leftist/progressive organisations. That would be the only thing on a national level that’d get me to vote Blue.

Save Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, and maybe a few others? The party isn’t worth saving. Some members and reps are… but not the whole party. It has to be purged. Failing that, we have to destroy it and rebuild it in an image that serves the people.

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Disability, worry about future 

Got a text from my dad warning that my parents want to talk to me about how I'll live this next year. He wants me to have a plan and not be surprised when they call, which I get, but...
How can I be satisfied with a plan for the coming year when the options are "get a job that will kill me" and "move back in with my centrist parents"?
I feel awful, and my neighbor friend moved away this week, too!


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Lmao people are mad a trans woman has an unfair advantage in…pro wrestling, literally a scripted event

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People tell you all the time: don't talk to the police. But why not?

Here's one reason you may not be aware of. In most American jurisdictions, once police have you in an interrogation room, they are free to lie to you if they believe it will help them produce a confession.

What kind of lies do they tell? Things like:

* "We have surveillance video of you committing the crime."

* "We have multiple eyewitnesses who saw you committing the crime."

* "We have a confession from the friend who was with you at the time, saying you talked them into helping you commit the crime."

Let's assume you are actually 100% innocent. Even if that's the case -- if you believe that the police have evidence that could convict you anyway, you are going to be under enormous pressure to confess, EVEN THOUGH YOU DID NOT DO IT. Your brain leaps to the thought that, if you're going to be convicted regardless, maybe confessing will at least get you some leniency.

So you confess, and the cops are happy. A confession nearly always leads to a conviction, and they just produced a confession out of thin air.

You just convicted yourself.

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I know it hasn't sunk in yet, and your still processing it.

But we just lost the Right to control our own bodies. And if you don't have that Right, then what rights do you even have now?

You won't get them back with a ballot box, you won't get them back by calling your representative.

The only way Rights have ever been won, have been through Social Upheaval. Through communities connecting and organizing with eachother. Through brave, yet violent acts of dissent.

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remembering when the seattle city council promised to defund the police by 40% while we were occupying a neighborhood and then immediately reneged on it once we stopped

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