is the Church doing some sort of hasbara for weird twitter? I swear like every third shitposter is some kind of tradcath now.

When people tell you to "learn economics 101" they mostly just mean you should learn to rationalize massive amounts of human suffering in kind of a Calvinist sense, as they have

Imagine thinking we've ever had freedom of speech in the US. Couldn't be me

on this day we celebrate St. Patrick driving the dads out of Ireland


dear noam,

do you think batman sucks dick? i think the answer is yes, but there's no way he's good at it. email me back if you disagree

princess "inventor of sex" grace

Subversion and counterculture are best personified by a tastefully-appointed coffee shop in which one can buy a twelve dollar coffee and sit amongst the other well-connected yuppies of the city, or at least that's what gentrifying business owners keep telling me

Residents complaining that the people partying aren't even from the neighborhood. Yeah, no shit, you priced them out of living in that neighborhood and now they're coming in from the Bronx.

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Times running an article about young people partying in Washington Square Park.

People want to live in that neighborhood because of the lively bohemian scene it had in the 50s and 60s, then shit themselves when this generation's bohemians come over the bridges and tunnels to host a dance party in "their" park.

Boohoo, enjoy your jacked up housing prices and buy some ear plugs.

"I know people like to say violent video games don't make violent people but it's been five seconds and I crave blood"

me, walking up behind mathematician John Venn and surprising him with a slap on the back: "hey man, whatcha working on today?"

mathematician John Venn, notoriously horny, halfway through drawing a pair of gigantic boobs on a sheet of paper: "uhh... y'know, just inventing a new diagram!"

ayy i'm a libertariano! i sell-a da unregulated pizza!

marco rubio’s bill that says “if you survive a terrorist attack, you get a one year deferral on student loan payments” might be the funniest thing ever proposed in a legislature


"this was just to soften us up for the NEXT fake pandemic they announce, to trick us into MORE fake vaccines" i wheeze as covid multiplies into different variants through my body, creating more fun mutations than a Marvel comic series.

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