I can't believe people actually want more overwatch story when the story of overwatch is like, overtly fascist

the overwatch heroes met each other crushing global slave rebellions. that's the whole story. why would you want more

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@georgespolitzer I looked it up one time because I was like "oh, I wonder if there's a canon reason why robots like Orisa exist" and then yeah I found out there totally is a canon reason and it's using omnis to crush omni slave revolts or something?


@georgespolitzer "oh he's just a robot who's one of the good ones cuz he wants peace and niceness and also please don't ask yourself if his design is maybe a teensy bit racist it's fine :)"


normal brain: maybe people who fight on behalf of slave riots are good?

galaxy brain: the only reason to fight the global police is because you want to mass murder people with impunity, also we're probably gonna put all the characters with overtly racist designs on this team lol

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