Pol, climate change, not serious 

You know the worst part about politicians letting climate change go rampant is that because of it I just had to spend the entire nigth dreaming I was in the top floor of a scyscraper and we had to build a raft before the next rain comes and floods that floor aswell.

mh, trauma, poll 

Is it weird to know the exact day and time of a major traumatic event and keep a tracker of how many days it's been?

Non-biney snek friend 

I crochet a Non-biney snek friend. Such a cute noodle. Sadly didn't have the perfect shade of purple but I still like it.

Theme of today: body warble

My head is acting like it wants to be the cgi department making me see realistic things on my body that arnt there

Sex, surgery 

Okay personally I find sex to be the most boring thing ever and until I had grs you certainly can't convince me otherwise

SH, climate crisis 

Harming myself by looking at things that induce me with climate anxiety knowing full well that I can personally only do a very little to nothing about stopping it

drawing i made, money mentioned 

Made this drawing a few weeks ago as a commission. Didn't post this early for a lack of time. And because the person that commissioned me didn't pay me which was pretty annoying.

peak capitalism 

wow they are sending packages that one isnt allowed to reuse under threat of sending the feds after you now :blob_cat_oh_no:


Today was a hyperfocus until my brain short circuits kinda day


From now on weekdays don't follow a specific order anymore but instead are like the weather and there is a weekday forecast.

"Tomorrow we have a 40% chance of Monday"

I am Luna! Migthy Cu-Tea! Defeater of estrogen air bubbles!

Kidnapping, shitpost 

OH: Warum beschreibt kidnapping eigentlich nicht den Prozess ein Kind schlafen zu legen

I'm a simple person. I open timed line, I see amelia spinny, I rejoice.

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