There is an opportunity for me to apply for playing a trans girl in a series. But let's be real I'm too anxious and afraid to be an actress. Also I probably have no talent that would make them want me. Nor have I any clue as to how to write an application.

But it would be pretty rad not gonna lie. And I would appear on [known streaming platform] :blob_cat:

Misinformation, tech 

Lexi:"oh it doesn't have wpa3"

Me:"oh but it says wpa + wpa2 here, so that's wpa3!"

Follow me for more helpful tech tips. Trust lunas knowledge :blob_cat:


Waking myself up with lots of chocolaty sugary stuff was not a good idea and I should have seen it coming that I'm just falling asleep again

Content: animals 

OH:"Salamanders are pretty close to being a rat, rigth?"

selfie, eye contact, boost ok 

I'm cute :blob_cat:

Retoot because I messed up


Blåhaj swimming through to water pipe of the washing machine to get to you

i drew something, boost appreciated 

I drew a thing :blob_cat_aww: . Its Anna the postgirl. They go by they/them pronouns and they bring you letters from cuties while being a cutie.

Selfie, ec, boosts okay, gay 

An old selfie of me to lure all the gays out

Implied nudity, fire (both in picture), boosts welcome 

Finally finished drawing a picture I started about a year ago or so. I was temporarily frustrated with it beyond everything.

I kinda forgot to say but I drew @lexi a new Pfp.

And if you want me to draw your stuff, I'm open for commissions.

Selfie, boosts allowed 

Felt cute today. Sadly a very rare occasion

Money related, asking for art commission, boost appreciated 

Hi I'm an Artist and currently trying to make some money with drawing. So I am once again asking for your commissions. Below I will attach my latest commission and my previous post.

CN Food 

OH: und ich steck mein Gesicht jeden Morgen ins Maisglas.

Money related, asking for art commission, boost appreciated 

Hi I'm trying to make some money with Art and I am taking commissions again. So if you are interested hit me up. Below is a previous piece I did as a commission as example.

CN rape, dreams, trauma 

Me: I just want some nice, refreshing sleep.

My brain: hold on buddy I still have about one million different dreams about how you get raped and violated in here. We gotta work through all of them first.


Lexi:*reads terrible email from my parents *

Me: "why is nibbling on my shoulder your response to this email?"

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