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My mind is a temple. Its the temple of Artemis but it is a temple.

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I have a biology question but I'm too afraid to ask because the question migth be incredibly dumb


Still can't believe it took me till now to realise "toot" and "tusky" are about mammoths and not walruses

Kink, shitpost, dont open 

Good thing none of the officers in star wars that dissapointed darth vader had a breathplay kink

You ever just wanna do something cool but then you are too slow and someone else does it before you?

damb, I'm Luna

Wait, there is so many
Which one is me
Help I can't find myself
Who am I?

Windows rant 

How is anyone like: hmm yes my OS doing completely random shit and pushing ads for their products on me without me being able to turn it off is fine, actually. I completely understand that some people just want to not have to worry about certain things and let them be handled automatically even if that has downsides for them. But why is it acceptable to not be able to turn that off

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Windows rant 

Hey I randomly installed an update for something in the background without asking. Thank me later

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Windows rant 

Hmm would you like to use our browser, office apps, search engine, or connect all your devices to us? No? Well I'll ask you again in 3 days when you changed your mind. Don't worry I'll never stop asking until you accept actually

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I dare you 

To come here and boop my nose. Come on. Do it! :blob_cat_mlem:


This is going to result in a cooking injury speedrun for sure

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Luna is singing time

(no one can hear it so no one is harmed in the process)

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