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Hi I'm Luna

I'm your local tiny enby girl. I enjoy writing, drawing, coding, cooking and since recently blender and I post about these things. Other than that I mostly make a lot of shitpost and occasional complaints about chronic pain.

Some other adjectives of mine:
Grey ace
Mostly vegan
Train enjoyer

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hi so what if i told you can support me and my existence by looking at my boobs 👀

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My mind is a temple. Its the temple of Artemis but it is a temple.

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They should give me a cool cane for the days where my leg hurts


i hate how crocheting gives me immense backpain

Me when people post nudes but there is no blåhaj in the background :blob_pensive:

sex ment, OH 

OH: "Luna i think you are misinformed. A sexorgy is not when you cuddle an army of sharks"

Climate strike through the pedestrian zone is kinda weird ngl

Imagine humanity hadn't decided on uniform measurement of time

Imperial hours and metric hours

Converting your 60 min hours into another countries 40 min hours

I would also like to be able to play the guitar and it migth be the first thing I learn if I find time and energy cause lexi has one.

But ultimately I would love to learn the accordeon first but expensive

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Brain stuff 

I can't deal with children crying. Not on a "oh no it's so annoying" but more on a level of I can't handle it and I have to do something about it to make it stop because I don't know. Brain says children deserve to be happy or something I guess? And when I can't do anything about it it's basically killing me internally. Anyone know what I mean?

Blood ment 

When you get nosebleed and all of the sudden you are covered in blood head to toe like you stabbed a guy

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