i am trying out rebelle 5. Its really cool but also digital simulation of traditional art is quite a bit to get used to

Drawing of mimic but slightly cute 

I painted a silly little mimic friend! :boosts_ok:

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Selfie, Ec, sword, boost welcome 

Hello I heard people like lesbians with swords. :blob_cat_mlem:


Boomers say this is lewd, so lewd in fact that blåhaj started nibbling on me! :blobhaj_mlem:


But what if... 👉👈... I got a little... A little... 👉👈... snacky... A... And maybe a little juice

Selfie spam, ec, boost okay 

Due to popular demand the best of the 36 pictures I have.

I'm really creeped out rigth now. I've been in the kitchen cooking for a while and when I came back out our whiteboard was bent.

How did this happen?

I will just hide in my room from whatever did this I think

I'm very scared

actual world map :P, nonesense 

to clear up any further geographic confusion here is an actual world map

Selfie, boost okay 

Hehe Luna took a little selfie. I just love those glasses so much.

work in progress drawing 

meh i have gotten myself to draw again. I jope i dont mess this up again like all my other attempts

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