Tech none, food ment 

Our algorithms are so advanced!

Also their algorithms: *convinced I'm a cis guy in my mid twenties slapping a steak first thing in the morning before hitting the gym for 10 hours*

None lewd with left beef 

@deejvalen btw this luna has no idea what pegging even is :blob_sweat:


@deejvalen wait why would you put all those people on the laundry line


I've fallen in love with earth. I'm so attracted to her

Silly nonesense 

My account is not safe for work because I don't want you to fall off a ladder opening my selfies :P

With a little hard work everyone can get rich parents!

Not serious, silly 

@AgathaSorceress only four hours until Agatha will be all serious business and no more fun.

Will there be minors dni in the profile aswell?

Putting bedsheets on a double mattress is truly an endboss level thing


I really don't like how Christians force their festivities on everyone.

Today specifically I am annoyed that my washing day got moved so I share it with someone else cause tomorrow is some special day, but the other person decide to be an asshole and lock the room with the laundry line so I can't even peg up my laundry.

capitalism question 

@AgathaSorceress ah. I think the problem with Sparkasse is that it is not one big bank but like small distinct ones if I understand it correctly so the experience may vary greatly depending on where in Germany you are.

capitalism question 

@AgathaSorceress lexi also said other trans people she knows had problems changing their name there

capitalism question 

@AgathaSorceress I would personally avoid gls bank. We had a lot of trouble with them lately not wanting to change names, account data etc and later not terminating the account making my girlfriend pay for I think like a year longer than necessary.

I've so far been doing pretty well just sticking with the local Sparkasse (or now not local anymore since I moved but I still haven't had any problems)

Nuclear threats 

There is something incredibly scary about films of nuclear detonation that I don't think any horror movie can reach. No monster or ghost seems able to reach that level. And I haven't seen a cgi recreation that truly captures it either.

wellness, non-vegan (gore), wtf 

@IngaLovinde how did they get to the point where they thought "ah yes that's good for your hair" o.O why? How? What is wrong with them?

Fuck techbros and forum threads and high quality instruction guides. Will only ever trust the low quality YouTube from an Indian guy for my problems from now on.

10/10 flawless tech support


Lovingly tapes knife to roomba.

*roomba vibrates excitedly*

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