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Oh, violence 

"I just shanked a subway train"

No one:

Tech companies: "why don't we use car headlights as a status LED and made it blink fast and aggressively?"

Help my girlfriend is being attacked by tiny yellow ducklings!!


Broccoli is just a really good gender of food. Closely followed cauliflower and the other similarly shaped things

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No one:

Literally no one:

A global chip shortage:

Tech bro:"so what would happen if I used super glue instead of thermal paste on my CPU"


The government is lying to you! The moonlanding didn't happen it was all filmed in a soundstage on Mars!!!

It's always wake up sheeple and never go to bed sheeple smh.

Sleep is important and I want me and all my sheeple friends to get enough of it

Names, Luna brain 

I know like 6 lunas and can differentiat between them yet I always get confused between Agatha and Agatha (not Agatha) for the first second of reading the post

Help my girlfriend shitposts my shitposts faster than I can shitpost

Drawing of mimic but slightly cute 

I painted a silly little mimic friend! :boosts_ok:

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Trying to get a little bit into water colour painting. But I definitely need a new set of brushes. I don't think the three I have that all look like Bart Simsons head will get me very far

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