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I write a Homestuck fanadventure called Of Gods and Monsters and y'all should check it out! We've got cute thief girls, soft fashion boys, depressed enbies, and more friends to meet along the way!


i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:

homestuck^2 bonus update 

helping the people on the frontlines of this movement in any way you can is so, so fucking important. at the very least, match this if you can, spread the word, anything

Remember when Notch took his game which had a communist relation to labour where people would mine resources from the ground and then use the fruits of their labour to build structures as they saw fit and then tried to tack an economic system to it by adding emeralds and shopkeeper NPCs and it didn’t work whatsoever

who else would yall like to see in these little warmup doodles

me, playing Mega Man 2: haha metal blade go brrrrr

wow did i just retcon my older piece of art
my computer fucking exploded trying to merge layers on this for some reason it could not handle happy yiffy #homestuck #homestuck2


When i say i hate comics i mean "i despise the souless money-driven monopoly system that pushes out decisions in the biggest 2 comic publishers to focus on presale individual numbers and curbs any move considered Too Risky(only when lgbt and other minorities are involved, ofc) from ever coming to fruition" because i actually love comics. The medium is incredible. The distribution is dumb. Comics could be so much more though

i think it's very funny and powerful of me to be a huge fan of every mega man series except for the main series lol

the zero campaign of x4 is so much better than playing as x... i just... i love zero so much

found that chart of like, different terms describing bi people and gender expression, and personally i think the term Dove is heckin cute and good if ever you have need to refer to me as both my gender and sexuality, please call me a dove

If you enjoyed Befriendus and crave more sweet, sweet Dancestors content, I humbly suggest my ongoing fic "Plasticine Soul"!

It's a cyberpunk AU featuring the Dancestors in a Beforus/Alternia mashup world.

There's lots of intrigue, betrayal, emotion, and character development to be had! Also, some neat CSS effects to add visual flair!


x4 is a lot easier than the other games so far and idk why this is one of those few game series where i decide to become " hard-core"

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