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A thread on Alexander Mosolov, my favorite little piece of Russian classical history.

Mosolov was born in Kiev under rule of the Russian empire, and after graduating high school in 1916 he started work for the burgeoning governmental arm of the Soviet union. Through this work, he personally delivered mail to Lenin on three occasions, which is said to have had a profound impact on his life.


banned from r/tulpas discord because my rose lalonde tulpa called someone the r slur

if you're cold, they're cold. blast them with a fireball

thinking about anti-trans laws, violence 

@AgathaSorceress the example this always makes me think of is Christine Jorgensen, who in 1952 was the first prominent trans person in US news

all the coverage is basically "gee golly! how neat is that!" - and not just this headline, she was on panel shows for years as a popular celeb

It took decades for people to decide we're a threat

yes i am part of the FBI.

Fem Boy Insurgency

Had to quit bird app when inshallah (and Islamic fetishism in general) became a meme, it's really no different than weaboos stumbling their way through shinto to try and look cool

Sorry if I ever follow request you after being disqualified, I literally do not remember trying the first time


I got profiled for the first time today at GED class 🥰 apparently someone's leaving the seat up in the womens restroom and it's making people uncomfortable. I discovered this, and the fact the school even knew I was trans in the first place, when I was called to the admin's office and she immediately assumed I did it! She was so surprised when I said it wasn't me, swear to God I'm never using the bathroom at this school ever again lmao

Knowing a little bit of most languages is so cool cause I can read a lot of stuff and probably be wrong about all of it


Microdosing gnosis (smoking weed)

Amazing how plumbing is a purely mechanical technology, that first ancient guy to invent it must have been so proud

Accentuate my southern drawl just a tiny little bit and the wife goes wild. I am so incredibly lucky to have her!

Gnostic wife x Buddhist wife who use polar opposite theology to achieve the same end goal 🤍

Whenever I'm sad and wanna just be cozy for a bit I'll just watch Cheburashka, works like a charm 🤍

Mortuary students who won't shut the fuck up about being mortuary students 🥰

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