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If you disagree with any of the following statements:

- Capitalism is very bad and should be abolished urgently.
- Immigration borders, same.
- Black and indigenous folk are owed reparations.
- All white people are racist and it's our responsibility to actively unlearn it.
- Trans rights are human rights
Then you don't have our consent to interact with us here. Spare us both the trouble and go away.

selfie, mildly nsfw 

ignore the exercise equipment, i can't kick your ass

Super markets-, mh--, ph-- 

Is anyone constantly breaking down and extremely frustrated how broken our social system is when they go to a super market or is it just me?

I have been running into a situation where I keep using "RTX" to refer to hardware raytracing acceleration, but this is misleading because RTX is actually NVidia's trademark for their specific implementation and sometimes you want to contrast NVidia with AMD. To solve this, I would like to propose we now refer to the underlying technology as "HRT", for "Hardware Raytracing". "Within ten years all gamers will have access to HRT", et cetera

Wir bekommen keinen Sitzplatz draußen.
Weil Personalmangel im Restaurant herrscht.
Darum können nur die Tische im geschlossenen Innenraum bedient werden.
Frage mich woher der Personalmamgel kommt ...
Wir essen jedenfalls woanders.

Entwicklungs-branch "Abenteuerland" nennen.

Commit ins Abenteuerland.


🔥🔥🔥Wir müssen der fossilen Industrie verbieten, Werbung und Sponsoring in der EU zu betreiben. #BanFossilAds

✍️ Hier die Petition unterschreiben:

Sagt mal, kennt ihr irgendwelche vertrauenswürdigen DynDNS-Anbieter? Irgendwas, was gut integriert werden kann, wofür's Plugins und so gibt für nginx, Caddy, Home Assistant, FritzBox!, etc.?

Ich bin aktuell bei, bin da auch recht zufrieden, funktioniert, ist kostenlos, aber ich frag mich nur ob's noch was anderes/besseres gibt.

Ich nenne es das deutsche Paradox.

Zu dünn besiedelt für guten #ÖPNV.
Zu dicht besiedelt für #Windkraft.

software build chains stop compiling my software with -Wall -pedantic when it is VERY CLEAR that literally NOBODY did that during development

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