My high school calculator still works! Texas Instrument solar calculators will outlast the heat death of the universe.

White supremacy/fragility? 

I mean, we can only try.

My only regret is that I didn't listen to more lesbians.

Me: I've done my share of manual, back breaking, tedious labour. I hate it.

BBI: What if it space!


Whenever I get called, "ma'am" by the one server I regularly see at my local café.

"I'm just going to warn zoomers, all of your slang and memes seem like semi-ironic fun, but one of these days McDonald's is going to call their McRib Based and H&R Block is going to say that their competitor's transaction fees are cringe. You'll live to see it commodified and seeing a 64 year old oil executive in a tailored suit talking about their favourite vtubers and day only simps support green energy will make you realize nothing can escape the decrepit reach of capital." socialistexan

So there is this whole subgenre of music with The 1975 songs slowed down with reverb.

I'm into it.

I've met a lot of white people who have told me that they would want to live in Japan. I hope they find what they are looking for.

Even if you believe we're in the darkest timeline, it's the one with this band.

I was taking a introductory Japanese course virtually, and tonight was our last class.

I'm a little sad.


The one thing I can say was a positive about a global pandemic is that it got us talking about something other than Star Wars for a change.

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