The next time I have a talk about privacy with someone, and I get the classic "I have nothing to hide" talking point, I'm just gonna straight up ask for their email password.

I'll do it.

That new MUNA album made me gay again for the third time.

The nerve of white people telling us to assimilate when they themselves want to leave.

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When white people tell me they want to move to Japan, it gives me pause.

Like, you are telling me you want to move to a foreign country with a completely different language, culture, history, currency, education system, geography, job market and laws, and you expect to have the same if not better quality of life that you enjoy presently?

How miserable is your life here, white people? How small, meaningless and lonely is your life presently in a world where you already have all the power?

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I don't know how to tell white people this, but Asians living in North America, for the most part, don't really fantasize about moving to Asia.

Because our family, friends, important relationships, memories, and often education and jobs are here. Our lives are here.

"Chief Ramer, we do not accept your apology," she said, putting a point on an impassioned speech about how Black, Indigenous and other racialized groups have had to deal with police in the city.

Bain called Ramer's apology a "public relations stunt" that is "insulting" to Black and Indigenous people.
"This is not about saving our lives. What we have asked for you to do is stop. To stop brutalizing us. To stop killing us," she said.

I'm late to this, but it is Indigenous history month, and I thought it prudent to share some surprisingly well made videos on the National Film Board of Canada. You can stream the vast majority of films for free online. I plan to use this thread to add content leading up to June 21. To start, I would highly reccomend is Dancing Around the Table.

Something else just hit me: imagine if we had, "It's a heterosexual!" baby showers.

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Someone I know, a cisgender woman, has recently announced she is pregnant with a girl. Her friends are doing a baby shower with, "It's a girl!" banners everywhere.

As I was looking at all of this and wishing her well, it hit me like a ton of bricks: this is for her.

The fetus does not understand cultural gender nuances, or how to be a girl. This is all for the parent. It is to make the parent and society feel good.

This is all for cisgender people to feel good about themselves.

"After doing some digging online Lloyd discovered WestJet had said in the past that gender is needed to determine weight and balance requirements on flights and that Transport Canada does not recognize X, which is not currently the case.
Sau Sau Liu, senior communications adviser for Transport Canada, said in 2019 the department updated its advisory circular, a document used to advise Canadian air operators, to use a male weight for X-gendered people."

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