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What constantly comes to mind when people ask me why I am sad is that scene in The Room where Denny admits that he's owes money to some random ass drug dealer, and Lisa screams in his face, "What KIND of money?!"


You can, and always have been able to get a Evangelion Tomagachi.

You are a trans woman, and you will buy this.

Also, companies like Google and Twitter use open source software like Haskell all the damn time to improve their services and products. So even the best, most proprietary software is built off the hard work of community minded people.

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Is it just me, or does content like this come off as classist?

I have a special place in my heart for my sweet, sweet boys at LTT, but I don't think a one to one comparison between FOSS and Microsoft is fair.

Like, if the Linux community had the monumental wherewithal and influence that Microsoft has, maybe that would help.

Today I learned that KDE plasma keeps your settings in the RAM when I realized that I didn't have my RAM pushed fully in and now the performance boost makes me feel like a Super Saiyan even though I was the fool whom did not press the Ram in properly.

Indigenous genocide

As some who has not been involved in the church in a LONG time, I believe the Christian thing would be for the pope to ask for forgiveness.

Sincerely, that is what God would want.


I wish people would call dead naming and misgendering what it is: harassment.

When these things happen to us, we're being harassed at best, and violently attacked at worse.

My therapist: "So, tell me: what comes to mind when you hear the word, 'girl boss'?"


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