I don't know how to tell white people this, but Asians living in North America, for the most part, don't really fantasize about moving to Asia.

Because our family, friends, important relationships, memories, and often education and jobs are here. Our lives are here.

When white people tell me they want to move to Japan, it gives me pause.

Like, you are telling me you want to move to a foreign country with a completely different language, culture, history, currency, education system, geography, job market and laws, and you expect to have the same if not better quality of life that you enjoy presently?

How miserable is your life here, white people? How small, meaningless and lonely is your life presently in a world where you already have all the power?

The nerve of white people telling us to assimilate when they themselves want to leave.


Now, when black people tell me they want to move to Asia...


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