The next time I have a talk about privacy with someone, and I get the classic "I have nothing to hide" talking point, I'm just gonna straight up ask for their email password.

I'll do it.

@MissAkira I actually should probably publish some mailboxes for transparency reasons. But if people mail sensitive information to them that's bad, so it needs auditing and approval.

@MissAkira or ask how much they’ve got on their bank account and do they have savings too plus what’s their annual income by the way? And what is their preferred sex position?

@MissAkira This isn't how mass surveillance works. Ask them about their 10 last purchases. Ask for the tickets. There are tons of comments to make.

For example Twitter has probably made a great use of tracking links before implementing the retweet button – in the most user-hostile way.

@MissAkira another point against 'nothing to hide' is that without secrets verifying identity at distance is very hard.

@MissAkira great idea! I'm going to do that next time this comes up too ^_^

@MissAkira not a valid argument, it's not the same reading it than having control over it

@MissAkira "no that's not what I meant. I meant I have nothing to hide from the government."
"So would you give them your E-mail password?"
"… uh 😰"

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