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There was a child's art in the free library in my neighborhood, and this stuff is excellent.

Pro tip: If you are getting overwhelmed by the amount of windows you have open on a Windows desktop operating system, press the Windows key and D together to minimize all windows, and you can alt + tab from there.

The people who told me to grow up when I was younger are now asking me what pronouns are and how to fix their computer.

Who's laughing now?

Bo Burnham lyrics spoilers 


I just learned yesterday from a nurse a good tip for CPR.

When you are doing chest compressions, do it to the beat to Staying Alive by the Bee Gees to keep a consistent rhythm.

I have a new insult:

"Why do I have to talk to you in public?"

Why do kids clothes always get dinosaur patterns on them? I swear, being an adult would be way more bareable if people wore more dino stuff. :blobhaj_sad_reach:

Mystery Science 3000 The Movie is they worship the everlasting gobstopper.

I just saw a person sitting across from me on the bus who I believe is a trans woman (of course, I don't know that for certain but they look a LOT like my friends) and we locked eyes and we smiled at each other through our facemasks and I have never felt more powerful.

Imagine if Dragons chose Imagine Dragons when they sing karaoke.

You win an imaginary cheeseburger if you can guess what it is/does.

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Co-worker: you want this adorable office supply?

My face:

So, the estimated, self-reported, non-cisgender amount of people nationally on this census is 150,000.

This is almost the population of Abbotsford, BC (151,683).

And that is absolutely more than Japanese Canadians (121,485).

So, the game is technically true statements. I'll go first:

Technically speaking, the Empire Strikes Back is the highest grossing independent film of all time. So far.

Now you try!

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Let's play a game, you and I. Don't be shy, it'll be fun! Take your therapist's advice, and interact with complete strangers on the internet. You'll be glad you did. :blob_cat_mlem:

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