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Hi all, I am using Mastodon for the first time because I shut down all my social media this weekend. I'm looking for a community that believes in , BLM. I am in my 30s, in the US, neurodivergent, queer, hoping to learn more from others. She/they/Acacia are fine.

food, work 

A pre-COVID format that i don't think translates well to current reality is working lunches. I hate eating on video

nice weekend of sleeping in and naps and reading mastodon. I appreciate you all

food, music reference 

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

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Transphobie / JK Rowling 

How JK Rowling became Voldemort.

« Another replied that Voldemort demonized mudbloods and muggles for not inheriting wizarding ability:

“Guess who else is demonising people for not having the correct blood to be who they say they are?” »

By banning myself from talking about work on here I seem to have little to say? Time to reasess my quarantine priorities

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poem, medical transition 

Self Care Ritual - a poem about testogel and mindfulness

Text version:

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The gender today is the smell of your childhood bedroom and sound of someone mowing the lawn three doors down.

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also, monetary donations can be sent to feeding vulnerable folks on chicago's west side at

cashapp: $WestSideMeals2020

venmo: @JohnWaltFoundation

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fediblock for reasons both obvious and tiresome


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"all lives matter" is hate speech. you should report it as such whenever you see it.

I have been reposting toots without asking consent first and for that I apologize. I will aim to do better

Too tired to do anything fun this Sunday…

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Changing my legal name to exactly 69 null bytes
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Happy Autistic Pride Day! remember: autism is not a disease or a disorder to be cured: it is a spectrum of differences in the human brain more akin to a disability like deafness. Listen to autistic peoples self-advocacy, not the arguments of non-autists who want to eliminate them

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*me, loudly chewing gum staring at a straight couple*

‘So, which one of you is the “well actually” and which one is the “I’d like to speak with the manager”?’

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Is it a crime to use rice noodles to make a meatball pasta dish?? 😅

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If you're in the UK, do its trans people a massive solid and fill this in.

(It's set up by trans rights group Gendered Intelligence, before you ask)

On days like today I wish I could drink coffee after dinner. Getting old kinda sucks…

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