Hi all, I am using Mastodon for the first time because I shut down all my social media this weekend. I'm looking for a community that believes in , BLM. I am in my 30s, in the US, neurodivergent, queer, hoping to learn more from others. She/they/Acacia are fine.

@MsAcacia welcome to the club. it's not perfect here but it is a helluva lot better than some of the shit on other social media. hopefully u enjoy ur stay. I'm here if u want someone to talk to and be pals with.

@MsAcacia hey! no problem at all! thank u for ur patience with me responding to u. I more or less was celebrating my birthday yesterday instead of today lmao. anyways, what are u up to?

@091719 Happy birthday!! How did you celebrate?? For me it's just been work.






@MsAcacia Hi Acacia, welcome!
I always feel that Mastodon is a safe place, where people in my community can be whoever they want with the support of everyone else, and we also learn and debate with each other. I hope you'll like it here as well 😊

@azaliz I missed this message, I'm so sorry. I am loving Mastodon so far and I have never felt this welcome online. Thanks for reaching out

@MsAcacia hi and welcome!

Okay if I boost your introduction?

@maloki Hi Maloki, I appreciate you asking first and I would love that, thank you so much!

@resynth1943 Hi Resynth, I am happy to be here and still taking it all in. So many cool folks to read! How are you today?

@MsAcacia Hi Acacia! Welcome to the Fediverse. I know it's not perfect but I feel it's more civil and friendly to me. If you have any questions feel free to ask around including me!

@joeo I'm sure I'll start to be less enthusiastic at some point but right now I'm over the moon. Thanks for the message

@MsAcacia welcome to the fediverse. is a great place, great choice there.

I hope that soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by people you enjoy the company of.

@MsAcacia welcome to the club, fedi is a pretty good spot to be right now. you'll find lots of peers here (and a bunch of asshats but your instance has good admins in charge)

@purple thank you! I haven't seen any of the outrageous messages that flooded my networks this weekend so I am glad

@MsAcacia oh give it time, but when it does happen don't hesitate to smash that block button otherwise they'll beat you with experience. you'll be given an option to report it to your local admin so be sure to do so.

@purple thanks for the advice I am heartened that admins actually would do anything about it

@MsAcacia oh yeah, fedi is more like a bunch of hippie communes that chat around bonfires than social media.

@Morgan thank you, I wish this were my only exerience of the internet ever

@MsAcacia Hey man, welcome aboard! Hope you find what you're looking for here!

@MsAcacia Welcome aboard! It is not perfect here but I hope you find it more welcoming. :)

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