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Hello I'm Mwenyi. I study architecture and I'm generally curious about everything. I express myself as a cis-woman who is black, bi, feminist, leftist, spiritual, severely introverted (except online, obviously), neurodivergent, depressive with health issues (hello team and ).

I love: 📚🎨🏏📻📷🎬🎧🍷
I speak: 🇬🇧🇫🇷

I am not perfect however I strive to be peaceful with everyone 💛

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Je suis Mwenyi. Etudiante en architecture (hello ), curieuse de tout. Mes points de vues sont en tant que femme cis noire, bi, féministe, à gauche, spirituelle, sevèrement introvertie (sauf en ligne, comme tout le monde hein), neuroatypique, en dépression et avec une santé fragile (hello team & GEM).

J'aime: 📚🎨🏏📻📷🎬🎧🍷
je parle: 🇫🇷🇬🇧

Je suis imparfaite, mais j'essaie d'être en paix avec tout le monde. 💛

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@ArtistMarciaX @brainblasted I read this post about taking good selfies (directed towards dudes) recently and have been enlightened

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The only thing I like emojis on is Slack, where you can type the words out between colons and know what you're getting. And with the reaction emoji, you can click on them and get that written code for them all.

I wish Mastodon (or at least an app) had a setting like that, where I could get the emojis to display as text-between-colons. I'd be so happy.

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Ironically perhaps, I use the :) kind of smiley faces because I cannot tell most of the emoji expressions/people apart. (And I can never find most of even the emoji I can discern, in the rows and rows of teeny pictures my keyboard offers.) Most emoji aren't very accessible to me.

Accessibility isn't a monolith and mutually contradictory access needs are common.

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Sexist, homophobic, transphobic and racist people are not welcome on Eldritch Café.

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Mastodon, c'est le village d'Astérix. On se prend régulièrement le chou entre nous, mais quand les romains débarquement, c'est l'unité #chasse1825 😁

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Going through "Who Owns the Future?" by Jaron Lanier.

I think it's pretty interesting. It has a lot of terrific ideas so far; though in a capitalism-can-still-be-saved kind of way.

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Please don't post screenshots of hateful messages. I've blocked these people for a reason. I don't want to see their hatred.

Let's not import that awful Twitter culture in here, please.

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Hello English Mastodon! For your information, members of's forums (which is kinda the French 4chan) are currently making accounts en masse on
We are currently suspending theme everywhere we can, but if you want to do that yourself, you can find a list of their accounts here:

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for the love of goddess please close registrations on mastodon dot social
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on n'oublie pas les CWs pour parler des dramas actuels s'il vous plait, merci 💜

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Ici vous êtes sur une plateforme auto gérée par des féministes. C'est la censure comunautariste.

Les messages ouvertement (ou pas ouvertement) LGBT-phobes, raciste et sexistes ne sont pas tolérés (so much for the tolerant left).

Remember, comme l'a dit un célèbre philosophe : Sur «Mastodon il n'y a que des gaucho et des pédés» (c'est nous).

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Rappel à toutes fins utiles : les propos ouvertement homophobes, racistes, sexistes ne sont pas les bienvenus sur cette instance.

I’m supposed to be cleaning my flat and I don’t feel like doing it. I wish I had some live test cricket to watch as a good excuse

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RAPPEL : hydratez-vous, buvez de l'eau.

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Food. Possibly disgusting. Afficher plus