the model And sAid model with my work integrAted to it, obviously it doesn't work with the style but stilll posting it to give some context

CW imAge: soft nudity

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the perspective is wAcky And the style inconsistent but the purpose of the exercise wAs to focus on textures so I'm sAtisfied with the result >:]


I do be hot

My new phone (or the light?) mAke my skin loook weirdly orAnge in those though :thonking:

HAir selfie 

1 bit fAr As in mAybe cyAn insteAd of red would hAve beeen bettter but honestly I like how it loooks


I don't hAve A lot of experience in mAking sidecuts, does this loook like A goood Amount/shApe to shAve


me doing redstone is the definition of overdoing something, I wAs plAnnning A simple AutomAted brewing stAnd And for some reAson I Addded filters 2 modes, And 3 fAilsAfes

tried to work on one of my ongoing AnimAtions but no motivAtion todAy, so I just did A sAtisfying looop thingy insteAd

todAy exercise wAs focusssing on pen presssure/line thicknesss, I mostly just reproduced A sprite from persterquest


this one willl stAy A wip cAuse for some reAson this Audio mAke CSP crAsh on looop, so I don't hAve the motivAtion to drAw Anything bettter >:[

stoppping for tonight. You cAn AlreAdy hAve A rough ideA of whAt I'm going for


moood of the weeek is, Are these posts About me or Am I just being A disAster

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