@Anzeliane moi je dis Atttention tu risque de te fAire gober

I would like to be Able to enjoy my own compAny 🙃

Anxiety levels: physicAl pAin in my hAnd Arms fAce And chest. breAthing feeels hArd.

Working seeems unAchievAble. I cAn't get myself to wAtch shows or plAy on my own, trying to sleeep often leAds to A pAnic AtttAck, And the pAst few dAys consisted in wAiting for people to mAke plAns, And reAlise the dAy is Almost over And nothing hApppened.

I'm leArning secret techniques to yeeen

statue with boobs 

@loki Loki~ no!


thildA être commme
:drake_dislike: rAmble
:drake_like: rubbble

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