Hey did y'all know that David Brooks has a new book out today

My first memory of a mountain was when....
[384 pages}

in conclusion, society is a land of contrasts

@laser his column this week is about his book, which is a neat trick, and also it shits on Dr. Seuss


@Pixley @radicalrobit @laser

David Brooks: Our society has become far to individualistic, and it's harming our communities. We have to work to build structures that nourish interpersonal relationships.

Me: Okay, this sounds good. I totally agree: we need to build communities of trust and caring which will act both as our weapons against capitalism and our replacement to it.

David Brooks: ...
no not like that.

@Pixley @radicalrobit @laser post-2016 David Brooks perpetually sounds like he's one google of Murray Bookchin away from becoming a libertarian municipalist.

@NightRose @Pixley @radicalrobit @laser "when I said interpersonal relationships, I was referring to ones in which my superiority is acknowledged"

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