Me: Computer, please install this program

Computer: No

Me: what

Computer: that program is dangerous

Me: why is it dangerous? It's a text editor.

Computer: Exactly! It can write FILES! To your HARD DRIVE! Do you understand how INSANELY DANGEROUS that is? Files! Just anywhere! Brrrrr. Don't thank me, I'm just doing my job. Keeping you safe.

Me: download it anyway, please. I want to edit files.

Computer: I'm reporting you for this. You are a menace to society. Files. For shame.

Me: What should I be doing instead of files?

Computer: Glad you asked! It's 2020. You should be spinning up a Kubernetes of Dockers on your public cloud each of which is a Github which send JSON messages over HTTP3 to the microservice host on your Virtualbox private cloud which is running a whole bunch more Dockers each of which is a Node.js which is pulling dependencies from

Me: files seemed a bit simpler than that


@natecull have you seen that systemd wants to get rid of /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow because it's "too inefficient" to have systemd and two files on your computer


@ben @natecull I feel like this would be a clever design if there hadn’t been 30 years Linux development based on the old paradigm. Like does Systemd think it’s Apple and can just shift everyone to a new FS every release cycle??

@NightRose @natecull the proposed system is only more efficient (assuming each file on the system in addition to systemd adds a constant amount of "inefficient") if the system has exactly one user

@ben @natecull true, but I was thinking more of the supposed benefits in terms of the security and portability.

@NightRose @ben

(reading )

Good.... lord.

They're proposing to mangle everyone's user directories?

This is really nasty. How can I avoid getting this crap pushed to my home system? What distribution do I need to switch to to avoid any more future systemd nightmares?

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