Here's a shitty astrology meme I made in MS Paint that nobody will understand, you're welcome

Now I understand why my guides have been pushing me towards numerology. I have a karmic debt!! 😭

My most popular spread is on sale for $15 starting today. Help a broke witch out, y'all

I did a whole bunch of research for a project I never got to share, so now there are just a shitton of open tabs like this for no reason

I've been trying to come up with a witty phrase to accompany this for days.... I give up, you try

"The slowest who does not lose sight of his goal still walks more swiftly than the one who wanders.”
-Gottfried Ephraim Lessing

Aww lol My bro, H just made this for me because I've been stressed out these past few days lol I love him.

Night man says ACAB
Also, neoliberals don't fucking understand what violence means, so why argue?

Let's check our progression on the Bi/Gendervoid Agenda™ for today:
Sleepy ✔️
Horny ✔️
Dysphoric ✔️
Depressed ✔️
Addicted ✔️ ☕️
Shitposting low effort stinkburgers ✔️✔️
Wondering why my autocorrect still tries to correct "stinkburgers" ✔️
Hungry ✔️
Pissed off - Ah, I knew there was something I forgot. Good lookin out, Agenda™.

Lemmie tell you something...there's a lot of guilt involved with being too tired and in pain to do magick. Chronic pain can keep you from meditating often, too. But it's ok, you are valid af. All we can do is what we can.

Me: "Fuck biden"
Headass liberal: "So you're voting for trump??"
Me: "Fuck trump too. They're literally the same"
Headass liberal: "Look, I don't like Biden either, but what's the alternative???"
Me: :blob_black_block:

Let's stop calling it 'bullying' 

While working on developing my emotional intelligence, (which is my responsibility as an adult) I've come to realize I still use a lot of child language. "Bullying" isn't something that should be carried over, in fact I don't believe it serves children either. We shouldn't try to rebrand it so it sounds less harmful.
Name your pain. Call it what it is.

Possibly triggering Karen bullshit 

We gotta start calling out these white women, y'all. You don't have to be able to hear evil thoughts to see through this horseshit.

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