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fuck this card only shit places are pulling. it's literally just forcing the homeless and poor out of bougie ass pret a manger and costa coffee so they don't have to deal with the riff raf and homeless.

contactless payment is done with either a debit card or a credit card 99% of the time, there are some ways you can get them with savings accounts but that's SUPER rare. what this effectively means is the homeless can't go and buy themselves a coffe while it is 12°c and feels like 6 due to windchill according to my phone right now.

"o-oh b-but corona virus transmission on money!!!!" oh fuck off. all our money is plastic fucking notes and metal coins, handle them with gloves like EVERY shop that takes cash is doing right now and disinfect it if you have to. there's literally absolutely no fucking reason to make shops card only unless you're explicitly trying to gentrify away those who can't pass a credit check or have a bank account

Me: "Fuck biden"
Headass liberal: "So you're voting for trump??"
Me: "Fuck trump too. They're literally the same"
Headass liberal: "Look, I don't like Biden either, but what's the alternative???"
Me: :blob_black_block: This entire thread is amazing, thank you for being awesome!

Let's stop calling it 'bullying' 

While working on developing my emotional intelligence, (which is my responsibility as an adult) I've come to realize I still use a lot of child language. "Bullying" isn't something that should be carried over, in fact I don't believe it serves children either. We shouldn't try to rebrand it so it sounds less harmful.
Name your pain. Call it what it is.

Possibly triggering Karen bullshit 

We gotta start calling out these white women, y'all. You don't have to be able to hear evil thoughts to see through this horseshit.

I have a policy not to take any single-issue activism seriously. If you don't see how the different parts work together to form the machine, you're doing more harm than good.

Wish being extremely inappropriate and scary?????????? 

My friend got this one a few weeks ago, and I........................ :thounking:

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Wish being extremely inappropriate and scary?????????? 

:blob_disapproval: Wtf is your algorithm telling you, Wish???????

Book reccs, fuck terfs 

Art and artist are inseparable; take it from a former H.P. Lovecraft stan. Harry Potter itself is just plagerism with extra anti-Semitism.

Some ableist language 

Some of these memes are old and I wasn't always good at purging my ableist language. But John Cleese is a transphobe now, too and it really made me angry

Ooof @ people who do this, for real. It's no accident that Miranda's play glorifying colonial slavers took off the way it did, this theory is valid. But I will fight a mother fucker over hip-hop.

Head-scratching misogyny 

@benhamill I swear to god like, I have literally written a whole ass medium article dedicated to how shitty and one-dimensional Steve Englehart's writing is. And people will do triple backwards somersaults trying to assign davinci code level rationalizing to his headass shit. Absolutely mind boggling

Head-scratching misogyny 

Who the hell wrote this cr-- oooohhhhhhhhh

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Head-scratching misogyny 

From the Nightman Annual #1 lmao
Oh, Johnny. Ever the consummate gentleman. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ HE LITERALLY HAS ROPE ON HIS BELT. The fuck

Yo I wanted to make this my banner so bad but Mastodon formats the shit where my profile pic is blocking the text. Weak.

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