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Possibly triggering Karen bullshit 

We gotta start calling out these white women, y'all. You don't have to be able to hear evil thoughts to see through this horseshit.

I have a policy not to take any single-issue activism seriously. If you don't see how the different parts work together to form the machine, you're doing more harm than good.

Wish being extremely inappropriate and scary?????????? 

My friend got this one a few weeks ago, and I........................ :thounking:

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Wish being extremely inappropriate and scary?????????? 

:blob_disapproval: Wtf is your algorithm telling you, Wish???????

Book reccs, fuck terfs 

Art and artist are inseparable; take it from a former H.P. Lovecraft stan. Harry Potter itself is just plagerism with extra anti-Semitism.

Some ableist language 

Some of these memes are old and I wasn't always good at purging my ableist language. But John Cleese is a transphobe now, too and it really made me angry

Ooof @ people who do this, for real. It's no accident that Miranda's play glorifying colonial slavers took off the way it did, this theory is valid. But I will fight a mother fucker over hip-hop.

Head-scratching misogyny 

Who the hell wrote this cr-- oooohhhhhhhhh

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Head-scratching misogyny 

From the Nightman Annual #1 lmao
Oh, Johnny. Ever the consummate gentleman. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ HE LITERALLY HAS ROPE ON HIS BELT. The fuck

Yo I wanted to make this my banner so bad but Mastodon formats the shit where my profile pic is blocking the text. Weak.

One of the (many) things I'm always getting on both liberals and leftists for is critiquing capitalism with little to no understanding of how finance actually works. That's how you get broke, headass takes like "we can only allow them $999K and the rest has to be redistributed". Nobody who understands the economics behind our system can ever take that shit seriously. Capitalism is inseparable from its economic aspects. You need to grasp both.

Reminders that these assholes murdered Breonna Taylor in her sleep and are still not in jail

Anyway, here's a cool and informative video on propaganda. If stuff like this were required viewing before having access to social media, we wouldn't have QAnon. Even if you aren't in that cult, you'd still benefit greatly from watching this.

that there's a podcast called Throwing Sheyd about and I am FUCKING LIVING :gribz_luv: 😭

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