Le title-text qui dit qu'il y a un mec qui a ragequit le patreon de Zack (l'auteur) à cause de cette planche :')

@Nocta (il avait dû arriver par erreur jusqu'à ce level, le mec)


People get like that because anyone who isn't getting the award is getting the crosshairs. To de-intensify inappropriate reward-seeking, de-intensify inappropriate punishment-granting.

@Finfell @Nocta nah. Get less sensitive about the fact that your social group oppresses and kills people.
Deal with the history of your social group. You didn't get a say in it, tough. But oppressed people didn't chose their category either.
Stop whining and get to work

@freyja_wildes @Nocta

My social group is ((Strike: 100% queer/replace: 98% queer)) and mostly believes itself to be inhuman. Quit playing omniscient inquisitor.

@Finfell @Nocta and it doesn't stop you from being ignorant about the social mechanic described. How about not tokenising yourself and your community ?

@freyja_wildes @Nocta

I'm peripherally acquainted with one uncloseted straight guy. I've lived my life in a bubble of one-sided popularity. I came back to this bubble after I got ejected from it for defending the outgroup before, but I wasn't fleeing power and acceptability when I did so.

Tiens je vais l'imprimer et l'afficher dans mon bureau celle là :3

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