Do somebody know a good dating site you can use as a lesbian, which you can access with your computer, without paying nor giving your phone number ?

I really need it


i've heard mastodon works in this scenario. (i know a lesbian couple that has met on here)


From a friend on a different platform:

"I don’t recall the HER app needing a phone number. Definitely didn’t need to pay. Queer women and non-binary peeps only on that one!"


Her requires a phone number (or a FB account which is worse), and it's not accessible from the computer


Aw, sorry. I just asked for recommendations, and that's the only one I've gotten so far. My friend probably used a FB account and didn't remember that she did.

@Phoenix_Borealis It's okay I'm pretty sure my request has no answer :(


Hinge and Bumble are two recs that I've just seen on that post though.

@Phoenix_Borealis Do you know if they require a phone number / FB to sign in ?

probably not helpful 

@Nocta .m yeah, there's this really cool open federation built on open-source software. you're on it right now.

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