*recalling how she basically have been mansplained how to stand up once*

(it may be an exagerated way to put it but in the end that's what it was)

mainsplaining storytime 

Okay the context :
I was bringing two non-foldable chairs to my friends appartment
I had stacked on top of the other
I used the train (RER) to go there
I had headphones and music in my ears
The stop where I had to go was near so I stood up and started carrying the chairs (not very heavy actually)
I was balancing myself because the train was slowing down



I kinda lost balance a bit for a short while. I could have just waited for the train to stop before doing that but I find it fun to try to keep my balance while the train stop.
Then I see this dude talking to me, I couldn't hear because I had the headphones.
I wondered if I lost something or if he was asking for directions or something, so I removed my headphones
"You should put the chairs down it'll be easier to stand up"
Gee thank you random dude I didn't think about that one


@Nocta it's really annoying how important some dudes think they are. :/

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