I need more lesbian stories where at least one of them is trans, more stories where they are grown up, finished school, more stories where one was desperate to find someone

More stories I can relate to

@Nocta I know few that could fit the bill: (this one is mostly lesbian smut ^^) (this one can be a little bit heavy at time with dysphoria/body horror(?))

I think both of them would fall under the "urban fantasy" umbrellla

@aearil I don't really have the energy to read ><" Like I can read mangas but plain text not really ;_;
Sorry, and thank you still

@Nocta Oh ok, sorry, I saw "stories" and immediately parsed as "written fics" ^^'

@aearil It was broader in my mind, like mangas, series, video games... But yeah written fics apply to, it's just not a medium I'm comfortable with

@meena Yeah, kinda wish I could filter out "Age gap" with that

@Nocta im p sure it checks all these boxes (except maybe the last one?)

@velexiraptor As I said to someone else I kinda don't have the energy to read a book or fanfic, I'd prefer another medium like comic or game, but thanks for the recommandation !

Unsolicited recommendations 

@Nocta so game wise, Heart of the Woods, and also the rest of Studio Élan's stuff, but HotW is the only one with a transbian that I know of. I don't know if you're interested in manga, but Run Away With Me, Girl is great, as well as Still Sick, and Lily Love. Even Though We're Adults is also good, but there are only 7 chapters online and it'll be months before the second volume is published in English. I know there's more but that's all that's been coming to mind right now

Unsolicited recommendations 

@kirin I'll look those up, thanks 💜

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