Ad (article about), pink-washing 

Interesting article about why Subaru is the cliché lesbian car brand in the US, and a part of the history of gay marketting/pink washing in the US I guess :

"If you’ve ever wondered why people joke about lesbians driving Subarus, the reason is not just that lesbians like Subarus. It’s that Subaru cultivated its image as a car for lesbians—and did so at a time when few companies would embrace or even acknowledge their gay customers."

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

"What worked were winks and nudges. [...] As more companies began marketing to LGBT audiences, secret coding became something of a playbook known by the term “gay vague”—a way for companies to reach queer audiences with minimal risk of a conservative backlash."

"Subaru was not the first company to create advertisements for gay and lesbian consumers, but it was the first major company in the United States to do it so transparently and consistently."

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

I guess the underlying comment is that this had a positive impact on the visibility of gay people in popular culture, but also that companies are companies, ads are made to manipulate you and make you consume, and companies are not your friends, nor obviously anticapitalistic

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

Like this part :

"A number of academics criticized corporate America’s embrace of the LGBT community as commodification: While companies wanted the profits that came from marketing a gay sense of style, they focused on upper-class and white gay identities—never gay people of color or those unable to afford medical treatment for HIV/AIDS."

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

Also positive side-effect: companies having to rework their internal policies to better include gay workers.

But yeah, they do that for sales

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

@Nocta A funny but also bewildering thing:

> Paul Poux, who helped come up with the license plate idea, says he held focus groups with straight audiences where he’d show ads featuring gay couples. Even after an hour of talking about gay issues, they’d think a man was shopping with his uncle.

what even.

Ad (article about), pink-washing 

@Nocta a small other thing for people not wanting to read the full article:

> Looking into the history of engagement rings led us to marketers who made up the tradition to sell more diamonds. Searching out the origins of the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” revealed that it’s a 1944 ad campaign designed to sell more breakfast cereal.

re: Ad (article about), pink-washing 

@melunaka are the straights even okay? :blobscream: how are they even? :screm: @Nocta
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