This post blew up for some reason, for a lazy (I did put alt text but beside that...) repost of an image I found on reddit x)

So yeah it comes from that person just in case, which seem to be a "personnal development" person : heh

@Nocta Oh that second photo is just a guy "quiet quitting". Haha.

@Nocta The strength we also should admire:

Someone standing in the middle of the pit saying: I'm not giving up.

@Nocta Not pictured: The helicopter that dropped the person in the first panel near the summit

@Nocta my partner told me today, after 4 years of not leaving the house other than for medical stuff, that she wants to go for a walk with me on the weekend. I'm so proud of her.

@hermitcl @Nocta hope you two had a nice walk :) and if not, see this as an friendly reminder to take one.

@glowl @Nocta thank you kindly - we didn't end up going for a walk but things are looking up anyway

Not to forget the strength "I'm doing it". Helping people while they are struggling, acknowledging it, valuing them when they need it. Even more important than the a posteriori pat on the shoulder.

@Nocta really feeling the edge of that fucking mountain on the far right there

@Nocta And what about admiring other things like kindness, softness... ?


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