Little Big Adventure Meme 

I know almost nobody will get this but I won't explain it x)

Chamomile, a webcomic I just discovered, it's pretty funny :3

(it's not a lesbian webcomic for once)

The sea in you 

You have an heterosexuality issue

I've just read the manga Shy

It's not finished yet, as far as I know, but I enjoyed it

It's a shonen with mainly a female cast

There are some hints of lesbian romances but it never commits to it sadly

There are also capitalistic bullshit like "giving money to charity makes you a good person", you can also read the "bad guys" as misguided anarchist people I guess
But as long as you don't think too much about the messages and focus on character development it's good


jpp :')

Source :
Everything Culturally Right and Wrong with Mulan 1998 - Xiran Jay Zhao

psychophobic and putophobic colloquialism, animal violence, actually cute 


Pour rappel, quand on joue à un jeu de société on met le couvercle du jeu Citadelle sur la table pour que Niji s'installe dedans au lieu de venir nous emmerder et s'allonger au milieu du plateau XD

(et ça marche super bien c'est magique)

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