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pfff :')

I expected the cat to attack him tbh, my parent's cat does that we can't give her belly rubs ;_;

Bernie Sanders is a genocidaire 

Bernie Sanders has voted for 🇺🇲 to bomb & suffocate millions of people around the world, has stated his opposition to reparations for slavery, introduced a bill to increase funding for the fascist police, gets sad when cops are killed, used cops to clear leftist protesters from his office, uses "communist" as an insult, is a fucking millionaire from his book sales…but hey what a lovable old man lol he's my grandpa XD free healthcare working class ROFL!!

There's a special place in hell for those who call women "females"

Please Sappho hear my prayers I'm in need of gay content

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Why are there so few animated lesbian shorts ? ;_;

Avatar (the cartoon, not the 3D Movie tech demo) and real world politics, minor spoilers for legend of korra 

I just finished reading the shadow of Kyoshi and one thing I noticed is that all nations are the manifestation of different parts of fascism.

The earth kingdom is bureaucracy (and corruption.)
The fire kingdom is authoritarianism.
The water tribes are incredibly sexist.
The air nomads are religious fundamentalists.

All nations are.. well, filled with nationalism. (The air nomads aren’t as much as the rest but they still make up some pseudo elite that is distinct from everyone else)

If that’s the normal order that the avatar is supposed to uphold or rebuild, it makes sense that the antagonists in Legend of Korra are caricatures of different leftist ideas.

The world is inherently fascist.

seeking book recommendations, boosts welcome 

Looking for interesting books in languages indigenous to Africa, the greater Caribbean, the South Pacific, & the Indian Ocean. Boosts & tags with the intent of reaching someone who has suggestions very much welcome!


I kinda lost balance a bit for a short while. I could have just waited for the train to stop before doing that but I find it fun to try to keep my balance while the train stop.
Then I see this dude talking to me, I couldn't hear because I had the headphones.
I wondered if I lost something or if he was asking for directions or something, so I removed my headphones
"You should put the chairs down it'll be easier to stand up"
Gee thank you random dude I didn't think about that one

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mainsplaining storytime 

Okay the context :
I was bringing two non-foldable chairs to my friends appartment
I had stacked on top of the other
I used the train (RER) to go there
I had headphones and music in my ears
The stop where I had to go was near so I stood up and started carrying the chairs (not very heavy actually)
I was balancing myself because the train was slowing down

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*recalling how she basically have been mansplained how to stand up once*

(it may be an exagerated way to put it but in the end that's what it was)

frpol, genocide, 🇳🇨 

Never forget that many veterans of the Paris Commune who were deported to "new caledonia" took part in genocidal massacres against Kanak people.

That's right people who risked their lives in battle against the french state suddenly sided with the state once Black people entered the equation.

That's whiteness for you.

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