The first two chapters of "In the Shadow of the Mountain," will be available tomorrow on audio 01/04, for the contributor level of only $1. For $1/month, you'll have permanent access to all of my books on audio, released one chapter a month.

These are cosmic horror stories in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft (minus the racism and sexism)

A cosmic horror of epic proportions in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft.

With the New Year I'd also like to make a promise. I have made a commitment to representing the true diversity of our world. My stories will always include individuals of many ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, and disability, as advised by advocates from these communities.

First two chapters of my novella "In the Shadow of the Mountain" drop in audio on 01/04/20, for only $1/Month. Please, consider being my Patreon contributor.

A fairly solid shoe-stringer from the found footage genre that is leaps and bounds better than 'The Taking of Deborah Logan.'

Check out my full review of 'The Devil Inside.'

in related news, I can’t stop staring at this 1900 illustration of Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin. It’s so, so good

Alright, so this old movie didn't hold up so well to the test of time, but here's the thing, it revolutionized body horror. For that, it deserves due credit.

The second episode for my serial about demon hunters is about to drop 11/29.

You can read it by becoming a Patreon contributor of Madness Heart Press for as little as $1.

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