@Rockode that’s going to break in a most unrepairable fashion


Absolutely.. But still they atleast tried something

@errantlibrarian @Rockode I don't know - it looks a LOT like the xjack connector on the 3com cards - I have 4, and those are pretty darned solid.

Of course if you TRY to break them, they will, but that's true of most anything that is not related to the human mind.

Meanwhile Asus just does this. Worked reliable over years. But I mean, in terms of fancyness, fujitsu wins.

@hashtagsecurity @Rockode It looks like that port is just badly placed and would fit if it were put higher up. 🤔

@sindastra @Rockode it does look a bit like it, but as I said, it worked for years (still does) without any problems. I assume the decision was made for stability as otherwise there wouldn't be much left of the frame :D

@Rockode these are the best, i have too many dongles not to like this

@Rockode Exactly what I'd expect from our transforming robot overlords.

@Rockode I'm so glad I got a laptop with proper Ethernet socket now. It's sad how most laptops either require a dongle or have a flimsy port.

i would brake that in an instand, they should add some little doking device or adabtor

@Rockode Which device is that? I did only know that other construction where the lan cable did go through a slider frame from top to bottom, much simpler.

@Rockode How many time will it work before being broken ?

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