I spent the past few days listenning to "Welcome to Night Vale" during my work, and I came to the conclusion my life lack a tiny bit of bizarre.

Another genderless insult you can use when you find out yet another celebrity you like is a huge problem 

y'all seen this dope agitprop from bristol IWW EUC? I like the workers raising the windturbine a lot :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve: :greensun:

It would he a tragedy if human beings ever developed a society

#UK #immigration

> For all the outrage about the actions of Donald Trump and the #USA’s immigration policies, here in the UK an asylum seeker can be locked up, without charge, for as long as the state decides.

> This is wrong. No ifs, no buts.

> Right now, the Home Office locks up nearly 25,000 people a year, including some of the most vulnerable people that ever come into contact with the British State. These include asylum seekers, pregnant women, and children.


**Veteran UK politicians asked to lead potential anti-Brexit government**

"Veteran British lawmakers from the ruling Conservative and opposition Labour parties have both said they would be willing to lead an emergency government to halt a no-deal Brexit, the leader of the pro-EU Liberal Democrat…"


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I just want to see a girl save a cute boy and fall in love, presented in earnest and not just as a joke or an idea

I don't care about a "strong woman who needs no man," i think girls should be able to indulge in this kind of sexual/power fantasy rather than be expected to rise beyond it

I think we don't see it not because we don't want a girl to save someone but because we're afraid to see boys in feminine positions complete with all the trappings of the role

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I'm cancelling cancel culture, please join me by cancelling everyone who cancels anyone in a domino chain that'll never end

You can't rely on social media validation to believe in yourself as an artist. Those numbers are arbitrary. The algorithm is fickle.

Create with passion, create consistently. You are not aspiring, you are not a wannabe. You are an artist right now. 👊

USPol. The future leftists want 

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