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cw: job availability 

Just quit my grocery job because <rant>.

I'm looking for e-learning or art work, if you know any roles. I have experience as an online tutor (and in-person at a school, but obv that's irelevant now).
I can give you thumbnails or untidy sketches until I get my portfolio back together.

I'm also a decent writer, text tidier and video editor, if you're looking for a social media manager.

Thanks for reading and I'm also happy to say hi and meet new people, too.

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uspol, activism & discussion of 

@va1kyrie all of this. I'm exactly at that point now (in the uk tho) and it's extra hard when you're disabled and struggling financially to figure out half a way forward.
(If you do know any uk people tho, point them to the Rose Community. I think the website's up and running by now, and we organise on discord. It's not the most revolutionary thing, but alleviating current suffering helps people now and in future at least)

Landlords don't need handouts, they need dignity of work! Keep your rent, your landlord will thank you later when they break the cycle of dependence.

job search mention, rant about coding 

I have a coding challenge for a job / grad training application.

Apparently I can choose any language, and Python is what I vaguely remember / looks most readable.

I'm still bricking it. why does coding have to be so frustrating? When Feynmann did the particle diagrams, suddenly quantum physics made a non-zero amount of sense.

Where is that for coding? Why are you so afraid of visual representations and clear comments!

its cool how stores and companies going green just meant they were transparently cost cutting and not actually caring about the environment

re: UK Pol, BLM, Keir Starmer - 

Just to expand, after thinking about it a bit more, the worst thing here with Keir is that he doesn't seem to have an understand about BLM. I can fully understand that defunding the police is less of a concern over here because we already kind of did that via austerity but it appears from this interview that he seems to think that BLM is more of a PR thing to raise awareness than an actual political movement with actual goals.

You can tell this when it says that it's a shame that BLM is getting involved in "organisational issues".

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uk pol, atab 

well, that didn't take long

it's not as if we're right on the cusp of a second wave and a massive rise in unemployment or anything, so obviously now is the time to start kicking people off benefits for months for completely arbitrary reasons again

uk pol 

so obviously it's just wonderful, given how high the chances of some kind of popular revolt against the government is in the next couple of years, that the new Labour leader has positioned himself so unequivocally behind the people who are going to be sent out to crush it


anyone who expected anything else from Mr Establishment there (including me, i have to admit) was always heading for disappointment

I am not a 'person WITH a disability.' I'm a disabled person. A person who IS DISABLED by society. I cannot separate myself from it, it is a part of me and I'm fine with that.

Disabled is not a bad word. You can keep 'person first' crap

i think the coolest part of image descriptions is providing a clear explanation of what you’re trying to communicate with your image.

remember the simpsons? it disappeared in 1997 but it used to have some good jokes

me: *takes great care to not overstimulate cat*

cat: *overstimulates self*

when it comes to social programs, the answer to "where do you think the money should come from" is *always*: the police and the military. this isn't a great economic riddle or anything, the money is there, it just needs to be allocated humanely

wow this blew up but I don't have a soundcloud to promote, give your money to BIPOC instead

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[BOT POST] let's get political 

my friends, sobbing: you can't just call everything libertarian socialism
me, pointing at the working class: libertarian socialism

i have now posted a goddamn manifesto of messages to the family chat about:

- changing your password
- a passphrase is better than a password
- do not reuse passwords across sites, but if you have, change that as well
- password managers are great for not reusing passwords (with a shoutout to my parents and their chosen password manager)
- 2FA adds another layer of security and you should be using that across sites where possible (with a specific plug for authy, just cos it's simple and cross-platform)

(i hope this is actually helpful and no one is sitting here going "jesus lena WE GET IT")

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