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jokes probably been made before but

fae asks for your name, you give them your deadname
they think theyve won, then with a smile you say "im finally free"

alternatively wheres our trans ally fae who visits trans folks if they leave out offerings to take their deadname for them

Yes, there are gay men who are closeted and marry women. But why WHY does it never occur to anyone that they could be bi men?

This post brought to you by yet another TV plot point hinging on #BiErasure

What am I saying, a corded circ saw would be fine too.

We're in the process now of removing rotten pieces of the wood skeleton & replacing them with new lumber.

It's hard to steal lumber when you don't have a truck, or so I've heard

I worked on the yesterday but once again I forgot to take pictures. The light is pretty terrible anyway.

I realized I'm not going to expose everything at once because that would require removing a structural integrity-threatening amount of the walls around the center of the trailer, where the bathroom, closets, kitchen, & heating appliances are

pass a law that all discontinued products and services must release their source code imo

i dont trust people who dont sin. bro i died so you could do that shit i fucking suffered for you please dont throw that away

Drag race, USpol, drug injection 

How Facial Recognition Is Becoming The Indian Government’s New Best Friend

From hovering drones to hawk-eyed CCTV cameras, Indians by 2020 have become used to being surveilled. Facial recognition, one of the booming, yet controversial technologies, is being harnessed by the Government on a large scale.

According to reports, the facial recognition market was valued at $4.51 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach a (...)

what to do when Nazis show up at your anti-war rally 

To the closest female friends I had when I was in my 20s:

I'm very sorry about being weirdly intense about our friendship. I was in denial about having a crush on you.



when speedrunning your commute, did you know that if you jump high enough, you can clip through the invisible barrier at the turnstile without having to take the several hour detour of getting a paycheck, cashing it and getting a metro card?

just be careful not to get seen by a cop, as you haven't activated the metro ticket flag so you will have to go through tons of dialogue from earlier skips and have to play through the entire jail and trial quest

Money, neg 

us racism 

@SallyStrange recreational ocean travel DOES exist for long distance travel, there are cruise lines that do transatlantic and transpacific cruises.

the problem of course is getting the luxury of that much free time with American labor practices - right now you can only afford to do that if you’re well-off and bougie enough to either have the kind of job that lets you have a month or two at a time, or be able to just quit your job and live off savings that long.

rail, though, there’s no fucking excuse for not having it in the US, I’ve figured out a route that, using state-of-the-art Chinese HSR equipment, would get you between Los Angeles and New York (passing through Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadephia) in 18 hours. with stops. with equipment and infrastructure that is in service, carrying revenue passengers (in China so it may well be massively subsidized but honestly I’ll take it given how much the negative externalities of air travel are subsidized), today, not some future technology. (Google Maps for roads between those cities is exactly 3200 miles (and rail could hypothetically be more direct), at 350 km/h that’s 14.7 hours if done at full speed continuously, and the newest Chinese equipment is capable of 400 km/h reducing that to 12.9 hours.)

or if you want your rail equipment and infrastructure from countries with better human rights records than China, there’s a lot of options for 350 km/h-capable equipment, although AFAIK nobody’s running 350 km/h service outside of China

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