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Inside me, there are two wolves. One loves Terese Nielsen’s art. The other hates Terese Nielsen.
I’m a trans woman playing Magic: The Gathering.

As you're all tired of political butts, allow me to present these very fine #rat butts. #petrats #rats

Unicorn Riot: **Mom Leads March for Son Killed by Police in 1997**

"Saint Paul, MN – Marilyn Hill and her family led a rally for her son, Demetrius Hill, 23 years after he was killed by Saint Paul Police (SPPD) officers. At Mears Park on September 3, 2020, nearly a hundred people gathered to demand an end… The post Mom Leads March for Son Killed…"

#anarchism #bot

My eyes are blurry, my ears ring, my knees ache, my skin is spotted with sun damage

My grandparents didn't lie: getting old is the worst

In Brooklyn it would be calypso & soca, at least it was at 6am this morning

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Neighbors music starting up. Mildly funky 70s and 80s pop.

ouhh mama I've made peace with the fact that my personal development will always be hidden from my conscious mind, things just happen and I observe them and connect the dots afterwards (and connecting the dots is where it's at, setting up future developments and personality shifts...!)
or maybe tonight is just a very good night for feeling the Flow of life, either way. bliss!

In lieu of broadcasting the President's latest tweet, this is in memoriam of the 9 dead Americans in Montgomery County, Illinois killed by his administration's incompetent COVID-19 response.

They are among 188,903 Americans who have died of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

According to astronauts on the ISS, space smells kinda like burnt toast

So apparently wine made from raisins is called "straw wine", and you generally end up with a strong, sweet wine that handles aging well. Similar to an ice wine.

If that's what I end up with, I'll be very impressed. We'll see where it goes, though.

This morning I stirred the mix for the second time, and it is starting to smell like something other than wet raisins at least. Not sure if it's wine yet, but it's on the way.


If you use “she/her” pronouns for you’re fucking boat, then you’re not allowed to be a gender essentialist

The music in Lovecraft Country is so good. Like classic horror scores from the 50s.

i nearly always post on public because i am not afraid of death

that late summer , early fall where both tshirts and warm things are feasible

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