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Them: It's not that deep

Me: [Gif: a free diver launching themself off the edge of an underwater cliff, into the darkening depths]

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i wish all my friends were happy, and will never stop until they are

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I got handed an ayn rand sandwich
straight from the can it tasted so bland
i asked the lass to pass me a glass
of engels' conditions of the working class

As the centrist of firefighting, I believe we should not set buildings on fire. This shows how compassionate I am, but I'm also very pragmatic, which is why I recognize that once a building is already burning, it's not practical to put it out.

@June for me, this is part of why it’s been so challenging to figure out what’s actually going on in the world… i get that the new york times isn’t ‘the bible’ and primarily works for people in power, and jacobin used to be ok but now isn’t, etc, & what’s gradually happened is that i went from being someone who read tons of news/opinion and enjoyed the illusion of feeling informed, to someone who reads almost no news and stares grimly at a dog eared paperback of manufacturing consent ):

@June and don't forget that everybodies 'favorite' problematic Slovenian Lacanian, Slavoj Zizek, routinely writes for them knowing all this

For folks who don't know: RT and In The Now are actual propaganda designed to be consumable and attractive to progressive Western audiences. They are a facet of the overall propaganda structure that includes Russia Today's internal (within Russia, in Russian) propaganda. Russia Today is much more directly anti-queer, anti-Semitic, etc, and RT filters this into a package DESIGNED to be palatable to English-speaking westerners, with the goal of spreading "just asking questions" style disinfo.

Does anyone else's cat throw themselves at the wall in a parkour-like fashion, or is that just Evelyn, please tell me someone else's cat leaps at the wall and kicks off and tears off in the other direction

the genius part of using machine learning systems to do everything at big companies is that if someone calls you out on them messing up you can handwave it away with "uh it's a gradual process and things will get better in the future" for an indefinite period of time

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google is such a sexist company to work for and idk why it’s just Not A Thing people commonly associate with them. if the kind of stuff that happens there was happening at, idk, walmart, folks would be burning the place down and it’d be on the news every day

you need to have the mental toughness to not let it fuck with your confidence, despite marinating in an atmosphere that tells you you’re lesser than your peers 40+ hours a week. peers whose work you look at and think: why? idk if people can imagine that. it’s very hard.

When the tl goes skkt--tkqk--rrk--WHEEeeeeeeeeee!

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