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you can tell how irredeemable the united states is based solely on how many movies and tv shows there are about cops and the message is "they'd do so much better if they didn't have all those regulations and laws getting in the way!!!!"

Adam Smith, David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill believed that there was a limit to economic growth. The myth of unlimited economic growth dates only from the 1950s.


covid meta 

the pandemic isn’t even over and it is 200x as bad as 9/11 and yet we are being told to go back to normal, funding is getting cut, and we’re probably gonna see plenty of memorial shit for the smaller if these two death counts.

Canpol, white supremacy 

Welp. I let the NDP party's organization know about the suspiciously similar wording between the conservative party platform and the infamous "14 words" and also posted it on my personal FB. I wonder if they will run with it or decide not to.

I wonder if I'll see it discussed on the news at all.

I wonder if the media will learn what a dogwhistle is and how they amplify them. And if they do, I wonder if they'll remember that lesson when reporting on other things.

who am I not following that I should be following?

Unsolicited dms when i don't even know you? That's a blockin'

Following when you've got no toots and no avatar and your bio only talks about # linux? That's a blockin'

Any mention of bitcoin in your profile? That's a blockin'

Having a pepe fucking anywhere? Oh you better believe that's a blockin'

who am I not following that I should be following?

do computer scientists follow the scientific method

I wonder how many vaccine-avoiders are doing that shit because they believe everyone else is getting vaccinated so they don't need to

I like lounging naked. However my window is large and the road outside has heavy foot traffic.

Solution: plant sunflowers and other tall plants

You have an unusual magnetic personality. Don't walk too close to
metal objects which are not fastened down.

Is it time for a ?

- I'm a writer, ex-journalist, now at a branding agency.
- I'm bi. My family doesn't know this.
- I talk about gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics.
- I speak ok French but I understand it well. Also: Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic.
- I grew up in the Middle East, studied/worked in India, live in Toronto now. All these places are home but also not home.
- I like meeting/talking to people virtually! Say hi!
- I also like bullet points.

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