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honestly all cops should be burned alive

if you've heard anything about the "PIG" starbucks cup thing, turns out it was a joke between family friends that the manager, a trans woman who needed the job to pay for her school and health care, was fired despite going above and beyond to fix the situation

however, some asshole pig refused and just went crying to the media basically to fuck over a trans woman

@feld @SallyStrange I can't remember where that is. Though he's a very nice guy, I've chatted with him before. We are friends on Facebook.

Scars on my belly, warm feet, cold wind outside, Spouse snores next to me, so tired, can't believe I'm still here sometimes, grateful

RT @nasahqphoto
#OTD in 1972, Apollo 17 launched & snapped this Blue Marble pic on its way to the moon: 

I fixed a leak on the roof of a BJ's today (I hope)

Man it’s great to see everyone discovering the Public Universal Friend

Also y’all need to be listening to #HistoryIsGay for all your #queer #history needs fwiw

me: so the joke is that it's not really a "website" so much as a federated network of instances, each of which is a "website" in its own right, and the irony that arises from the juxtaposition of that fact and the copying of the phrasing "this website" from Twitter, right?

literally everyone: yes, kinsey. that's the joke. that's literally it

My mood profile:
* Angry about present-day bullshit that nobody questions
* Angry about futurist bullshit that everyone thinks is irrelevant
* Staring at a TODO list and feeling only empty-minded anguish
* Queer shame
End of list

Someone needs to get back on the novelty sunglasses track, because these 1950s Paulette Guinet snake glasses are the ultimate (And they sold on eBay for close to $8000, yikes)

Your labels are yours to decide

Language is descriptive,
not prescriptive

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