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Header/Image d'en tête: Reddish, ice-encrusted shrubs poke out from snow at the edge of a large lake with dark, wind-whipped water.

Profile: neon bright cartoonish alter of a selfie, masked, wearing hard hat

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temp. thinking about architecture 

Growing up in the South - everything is very open. Tall ceilings. Big windows. Wide spaces.
It makes the heat fine. Lived in a place as a kid with no AC, and it got hot, but not terrible. The trees were key.
Now that is horrible in the cold, and with climate change there's a lot of problems with having houses historically built for normal regional weather vs the wild back and forth shit now.

The building I'm in now is old as shit built for temperate heat to cold

Years of habitat preservation are finally getting noticed as the common buzzard is now indeed a quite common sight where I live.

Unfortunately those who keep small animals may learn this the hard way. I just read a report by someone whose Chihuahua dog didn't survive an attack

Perhaps Eric Adams could use the billion dollars in school funds not to fire teachers left and right but I guess he is too busy talking up a tiny grant from a Pfizer that is a drop in the bucket but he gets to hang out with rich people, his favorite thing to do

it's enby day which means
if you're not enby please find a way to make your workplace/society a little less subscribing to the ideology of only two genders. thanks :knife_nb:
if you're enby please have a nice day. :heart_nb:
if youre neither enby nor not enby that's incredible and you should do both of the above things plus have a treat.

Since I'm still looking for a job and have I dunno how many applications outstanding now I have started working on my first 'paid' web app thingy..

Not exactly sure what's it gonna be yet but I gotta get some income :sad_cat: Maybe a fancy platform for art sharing/downloads or i could sell the source code.. I dunnoooo

I got this so far:

It's currently structed as movie site but im not gonna go with that i think, who has rights on movies but China lol

Got a news noti that #Twitter has issues lol

Thats what you get with a centralized platform owned by one big birb :twitter:

If anyone has any money to spare, a US based trans friend who has been living a permanent nightmare for the past two+ years is asking for support to pay off substantial debt and medical fees during a crisis time:

Given everything going on re: reproductive rights, attacks on trans groups and trans people, and other such stuff in the US right now, this is an important thing for a very close friend that I can vouch for 1000x over.

#TransCrowdFund #crowdfunding

I know, I'm so basic for liking Drag Race. Anyway...

il y a quelqu'un qui regarde Drag Race France? J'adore toutes ces reines franchement. Qui va gagner? Moi, je gagne de la vocabulaire française

Enough is Enough: **A letter from the special cell in Lamia hospital – Giannis Michailidis**

"Lamia. Greece. A letter from anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis, who is on hunger strike since May 23, 2022."

#anarchism #bot

I want to get a chevy bolt but apparently so does absolutely everyone else

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The summer at 10 feels as long as a year at 20 and the five years between 35 and 40.

I got a new job. But it doesn't start for 3 weeks. Currently I drive a company car. I'm really hoping I can secure a new car with delivery to my current workplace so I can pull a "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out" scenario.

shoutout to the guy who managed to scam reddit by claiming he had a private island they could all live on if they just sent money for construction and legal expenses

F.D Signifier: connecting the Manosphere 

"consider the way that bisexual men are treated when seeking out female partners vs the way that bisexual women are treated eben seeking out male partners.
by those bisexual men breaking the unspoken contract about what appropriate masculinity is supposed to be, aka not gay, there are lots of women who will never give them the time of day but might also consider themselves feminists at the same time. which, yeah, that doesn't work."

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