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Header/Image d'en tête: Reddish, ice-encrusted shrubs poke out from snow at the edge of a large lake with dark, wind-whipped water.

Profile: neon bright cartoonish alter of a selfie, masked, wearing hard hat

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ah so covid didn't hurt my heart, not literally anyway. I just seem to have acquired some severe anxiety 😬

This is a long shot but does anyone in the UK on here self med with estrogen? I'm trying to help a friend who wants to self-med but can't find a source of hormones

the warning about boaters "obeying the restricted zone" in the writeup makes me think that they suspect someone fucked it up and dragged it away with their anchor

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this story just got retweeted from 2019 and I was curious if anything ever got found out about what happened, and apparently they found the missing observatory on the seafloor in two parts about 700 feet away


oh god oh fuck


NY politics 

I guess Hochul NYE resolution was to get my vote because two good moves today. A new rail line!! Finally not just the G

as someone who likes to keep hydrated but also has to piss inconveniently often, i definitely see the appeal of the fremen stillsuit

Électricien : *regarde une rivière*

Électricien : Remarquez comme l’eau va de haut en bas ? Et bien on va appeler le mouvement inexistant de bas en haut « le courant ».

Électricien : Ça a du sens.

Could you model a polycule with cellular automata? Yes. Should you? Yes.

bird site, dirty joke, meat, viande, blague sale (si ça se dit) 

j'ai pas assez de mufos francophones au bird site pour apprécier

2fa implies the existence of 2do, 2re, 2mi, 2so, 2la, etc.


I really want to do this eye look— I have black gel (smudgable) eyeliner and holographic green shadow, which I'm sure is how they did it

It won't look good on me, but when has that ever stopped me ✨

sometimes people act surprised when i mention being autistic because i'm sort of okay at conversations and i need to just start showing them this

Second follow up poll -

And _thank you_ to everyone who has responded so far, this is fascinating (and completely unscientific. It is only helping me to get an idea of why people might need keycaps!)

Also apologies, the Mastodon polling mechanisms are a bit... "they exist but aren't great."

Also, please boost this toot poll as well.

For people who _do_ touch type:

I like to talk to bots. I feel like that's more acceptable here

I make comics about a bunch of angry queers on their way to punch god!

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