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i'm wanna lift things up i like today

if you are organizing a co-op or a cooperatively managed group you need to know the work of Cooperation Jackson. They are literally leading the way that social transformation and collective action can work together. they literally wrote down everything they are doing, and it's incredibly inspirational:

Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi

Throwback to last year, after my surgery, when Pixie wouldn't get out of my face ❤️❤️❤️

tfw you wanna get spiky boots and puncture the tires of people with thin blue line stickers

My uncle posted one of those "real men don't wear gloves" memes and as a machinist with frankly gorgeous and delicate hands i say poopoo to that

Me in school: Yes, thank you, I am good at rotating 3-d shapes in my mind... Wait, what do you mean, letters aren't 3-d shapes?

I got dehydrated at work yesterday and now I'm suffering.

Drink water! Water is good.

**Sandy Hook massacre: Father of victim wins defamation lawsuit**

"Leonard Pozner wins lawsuit against book authors who claimed the school shooting that killed his son never happened."

#news #bot

Are you a UK-based artist? Do you have a climate-related project idea? Do you want to get paid to develop it? Do you want me to have your back on the tech side? Apply for a winter residency at Watershed (where I work, starting July 1):

Voilà c'était un petit thread informatif vite fait.

Pour les gens qui ont des chances de se trouver face à la Police, en manif etc, ou qui juste s'intéressent à ce que fait la Police Française, c'est je pense important de savoir ce genre de choses.

Plus d'infos :

The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy radio show is on (for now, it won't be for long I'm sure. )
If you'd like to hear it, download it.

Gonna start beef with every account in the fediverse that isn't following me, right now

Me talking to a non-flutist: I adjust the pitch of my note by changing the speed and direction of my air and the amount of resonance in my mouth.

Me talking with my flute teacher: I made the tooter go toot-toot!

Staying up too late because i don't wanna work

Scully ignores increasingly obvious miracles. Mulder seeks enlightenment through witchery.

@SallyStrange Conan O'Brien had lunch with Netanyahu, didn't talk about Palestine once. he's dead to me.

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