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mainstream comedian who last had a funny bit in '92: can't even make jokes these days, with all the frickin made up genders!!!


I'm about to drop the hottest track of 2020

someone please help me steady it, I don't want it to hit the floor and break

Honestly the curriculum was a bit light on political theory, considering the venue, but then that wasn't my primary interest & never has been. More of a practical application type of gal. But that's why it's fun and gratifying to be learning so much more about Bookchin's work & eco-anarchist (or whatever) thought now. 💙💜💙💜

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In 2003, the Institute for Social Ecology was a poorly insulated old farmhouse, a garden that needed weeding, and half a straw bale house up the hill from Plainfield VT. I learned a lot there, mostly about food systems, genetic engineering, organic farming, passive solar design, that sort of thing. I want to visit soon - I wonder if the straw bale is done.

US pol, 2020, NY, important info 

Haven't been able to work on the trailer in a while. Too cold & wet. Not sure how to integrate the replacement floorboards into the decking structure

this actual product package feels like a shitpost

So who's into living machines? Oh that reminds me that John Todd has a new book

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now. STEVEN WRIGHT

Scientists created a robot African wild dog spy puppy so they could get better footage of the elusive animals:

if you see a white person with tens of thousands of dollars or more, that person may be conspiring to commit imperialist colonialism (i.e. “buying land”)

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First Nation peoples and Canadian allies who are blocking the rail systems, this is how you make the settler state tremble. You are costing them upwards of billions.

Keep fucking fighting.


#ICYMI We partnered with @ESA to take Sun science to new heights!

Our #SolarOrbiter mission, which launched on Feb. 9, will use the gravity of Venus & Earth to tilt its orbit & take the first-ever images of our stars' north & south poles.

Get excited:

is sauce a part of nature?

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