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Protip: form a "business" with your neighbors and order business internet and run Ethernet between your houses, you'll get rich people services at low cost

@SallyStrange @kiki_d You might be thinking of a different Hindi expression, but a typical way of saying it in Hindi is "To me thirst is applying".

@SallyStrange लग- (lag-) has a range of meanings. "apply" seemed to me the broadest translation. "seems" or "feel(s)" are often appropriate, but lag- is really wide-spread in many common expressions. E.g. मुझे लगता है कि... (mujhe lagtā hai ki...) is "it seems to me that ...."

One of the lambs was chilling on top of her ma 😭

@maloki I love your courage in speaking your truth. You never come across as hurtful or cruel, but at the same time, you don't mince words. That's a difficult skill, and one I've never really mastered. Keep advocating for yourself and others; it's an incredible, powerful quality.

It’s not about one dramatic action. You are not disposable. 
If you want to take direct action, it is far better to take your first steps within an activist group that masks up, hides identities and intents to break the law and get away with it. Do that, and you will find comrades that care about your life and safety, and organize for it. 

A movement that relies on the spectacle of mass arrest as a public opinion influencer  and expects it’s participants to show their face, give their name and willingly be arrested, is a movement that is asking complete self-sacrifice.
The legal consequences of an arrest can ruin your life for a long time and losing your anonimity can seriously limit all activism that you can do in the future. Creating change is important, but it’s work you’ll do for a long time.

(Copied from queeranarchism on tunglbr)
A public arrest is a bad place to start your activism.

If you are young or inexperienced and want to start doing activism, it’s a very good idea not to start with any movement focussed on big public arrests and non-violent civil disobedience without anonymity, such as Extinction Rebellion. 
These public ‘non-violent’ actions may seem safer than anarchist groups dressed in black balaclavas, but the opposite is true. 

@SallyStrange I've been losing my shit over stone age stuff for a while now, but I have a huge gap with the chalcolithic age. Cities, but generally no writing or class structures? Neat shit, wish I knew more.

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The Mueller report on the 22-month probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 election is now a bestselling book on Amazon –– even though its contents are free and widely available.

Oh, huh. TIL

"To camouflage, cuttlefish do not match their local environment pixel by pixel. Instead, they seem to extract, through vision, a statistical approximation of their environment, and use these heuristics to select an adaptive camouflage out of a presumed large but finite repertoire of likely patterns, selected by evolution."

My nails are now purple and messy as fuck but they feel great

if i wanted to succeed in a capitalist system i would simply be born into wealth

When we have undermined the patriotic lie, we shall have cleared the path for the great structure where all shall be united into a universal brotherhood -- a truly free society.
-- Emma Goldman

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If you weren't supposed to waste time playing with a staple remover, why would they make them look like dinosaurs? Check mate...

Hot take: people can be kind but not nice and nice but not kind. I would take kind but not nice any day of the goddamn week

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