Y'all will never guess what I'm doing tonight.

Somebody guessed. I underestimated the whiteness of Mastodon. Here's my dad playing the nyckelharpa, with an old friend (actually the mom of my childhood friend but she lives in CA now) on the guitar.


Oh by the way my old friend needs someone to take over her puppet business. No joke. If you would like to make a decent living traveling the world doing puppet shows for people, hit me up. I'll connect you. She built up the business with her husband starting in 1979. They're ready to retire.

@SallyStrange I saw this out of context and assumed it was a server automation business.

@SallyStrange How much experience would be required? I'm in a bit of a desperate situation I might just go for this.

@SallyStrange ...make a decent living travelling the world doing puppet shows? You know, that's surprisingly tempting.

@SallyStrange out of curiosity, what general region do they operate out of? my dad worked for a married couple of traveling puppet salespeople around college age, would've been in the late 80s. still has one of the puppets.

@salmonbill upstate NY, but the business is built around performances not sales. It's called the Catskill Puppet Theater, they have a website of you want to look it up.

@SallyStrange thank you! my dad must have worked for a completely different puppet couple out west

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