Masto meta; urgent 

The Direct Messages on Masto are broken in a way that is potentially dangerous

It has happened more than once that someone has tried to contact me in my admin persona about another user using a "Direct" privacy toot

And they try to talk *about* the other person

But Masto helpfully auto-fills their name, so now they're *in* the conversation

And suddenly someone who absolutely should NOT be in a private conversation is added by accident

Masto meta; urgent 

@bgcarlisle Well, to be fair, since this was repeated over and over: Mastodon is not and will never be a communication tool. It is a publication platform, where content is mostly meant to be public.

For secure and private communication, proper tools exist that offer fine grain recipient filtering, e2ee, etc. for instance: email, Matrix, XMPP.

Masto meta; urgent 

@SallyStrange Didn't mean to be, which part did sound offensive?


Masto meta; urgent 

@kaiyou the part where you were like "I see that you're describing what you think is a problem but here's why it shouldn't be a problem" rather than just acknowledging that it is, in fact, a problem

Masto meta; urgent 

@SallyStrange Sorry it did sound that way then. I acknowledge it is a problem, and can become pretty hurtful, only it is mostly a problem of software advertising features it is not meant to support in the first place. I do not think the private message ux itself is problematic, more that any feature in mastodon (substitute most of current fediverse software) is branded as "private" or "direct" messaging at all.

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