Pet peeve about how we talk about the solstices: it's not the "beginning" of winter or summer. It's the peak of summer or winter. Thermal energy from the sun is at its peak or its nadir. Our experience of summer or winter weather starts well before the . I don't know why we talk about it in these terms. Similarly, the equinoxes are not spring or autumn beginning. It's when the day & the night are equal length. Spring/fall weather starts before & continues after.

Today I called Spouse, who's in NY, from North Carolina, at about 4:45 pm. Because I had moved closer to the equator, it was still light where I was, but it had been dark for about a half an hour for them.

That's why I called them at that moment, so I could ask "Is it dark?" and then nerd out about . 😊🌏🌎🌍

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