I once had a trans person tell me that wanting a uterus implanted and ovaries went against the natural order and I'm like

being trans fucking doesn't???

fuck nature

Strictly speaking,

I don't think there's anything "natural" about introducing exogenous hormones into my body and getting surgery to reconstruct the downstairs

The thing is though...

I legitimately do not fucking care if it is or not, it's my body to do what I please with


Also hella "unnatural": dental care, indoor plumbing...

Don't get me started about the inherent dishonesty involved in arbitrarily labeling things "natural" vs "unnatural" and valorizing the former, honestly

@SallyStrange @Elizafox
"Shoes" is my typical answer to the people who bring up the "It's not natural" argument.

Also a good retort: "Fuck you."

"Look at the way you walk! Heel first, then slapping your toes down on the ground like there's no risk of pebbles, thorns, or other sharp objects underfoot! I mean it's so unnatural!"

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